I wish…


I would like to share a story with you all about two clients I used to train in the gym many years ago, but this story still sticks with me and one I share a lot and often. 


This is relevant to everyone I know…

Lisa was and still is a very enthusiastic lover of exercise and enjoys the feeling she gets when she workouts.
She was a very petit framed woman, and would always picture her future with her husband and soon to start a family with a couple of children. Her goal was to stay in good health to be able to conceive a baby.


Katrina was a mother of three small children, juggling family life and was enjoying her exercise again not long after her third child was born. She would always picture her future as being back to the pre baby weight she once was, this was her work in progress.


This particular day I remember, Lisa was leaving the gym after her session. As she walked down my driveway Katrina was walking up pushing her pusher with bubs tucked in and the two other toddlers scrambling up beside her, chattering and being adventurous, but I could see Katrina had had a long morning..

When Katrina got into the gym she said,  “Geez Lisa is lucky, look how skinny she is. I can’t wait to lose this weight”..

Little did Katrina know that Lisa had passed her thinking I can’t wait to have kids, how lucky is she.

You see Lisa had tried to fall pregnant, she had had an ectopic pregnancy, and then gone through multiple IVF attempts for years to conceive a child, with no luck.

But her despair didn’t stop there, the pressure of the IVF attempts, the stress, the pure grief, affected her relationship with her husband, and then their marriage ended.

Not sure of the time frame, but after the marriage ended, Lisa’s ex husband met another woman, and they had a baby together.

We all want what others have got…


All Lisa wanted was a husband and children in their new home, whereas Katrina had the children, but was fixated on being skinny. Katrina has three healthy and adorable children with her husband in their beautiful home on some land.

All Katrina wanted was to be thin, whereas Lisa would have longed for the life of Katrina, surrounded by children.

I wanted to share this story because as I grow older, I learn to accept how I am, I am different to what I was 20 years ago when I was running, riding, training like a beast and attempting a few triathlons.

I have since had relationship breakdowns, business breakdowns, grieved a loss of a loved one, I’ve become a mum, I’m forever creating inspiration within my home and work… but… yes I still want to look a certain way and get the run times I used to… it ain’t going to happen… but that’s ok…it’s called acceptance.

Please realise you are all different, we have all lived different lives, we have certain genetics that play a big part in our lives (and can change) but just remember there is something about you, others adore, there’s something about you that people wish they had…

So instead of looking at what others have got and how you wished you’d look or be like them, look at what you’ve got, and be proud of that, be proud of yourself and honour yourself.

We all wish what others have, but do you realise what they are wishing for?


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*These characters are not their real names.

COVID-19 Notice

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Group Training is back

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All group sessions are also available daily through the ZOOM platform. This platform is perfect to help keep accountability, encouragement and help to critique on the spot when it comes to training.

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Other protocols have been put in place and will be discussed with each client.

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