Top 5 reads from 2019


Plus a bonus one…


This year my book selection has covered a wide variety of topics for overall health.


My shift in my health coaching has been more into the intuitive space, and focus on healing through the central nervous system and into the mind.

The reason being is that our cortisol levels continue to rise each year and stay at the more elevated level, that then results in chronic illnesses.


Our modern world has got us going crazy and the stress that appears from this is doing a lot of damage..


You can read a diet book after diet book, but if your thoughts do not shift, or other areas of life do not change (sleep or stress levels) then it’s going to be tougher each year. 

You will lose weight with the adaption of diet, but chances are you’ll regain again if nothing else changes.


If you want to keep up with the latest health hacks, proven science and move away from the old diet and exercise is the answer method, you’ll enjoy these books because it’s about a fresh new approach to health, and a more inner way of working.


We’ve always been about ‘working out’ – get balance and ‘work within’…


My top reads for this year are listed below with attached book reviews that relieves all my highlights throughout the books:


In no particular order:


1.Breaking the habit of being yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza

This is where reality along with neuroscience, quantum physics, brain chemistry, biology and genetics has proven that positive thoughts, brings positive changes.

Meditation practise improves the function of our brain.

Learning how to move into the future with new intentions, rid recurring patterns and situations. 

With a new decade upon us, it’s nice to learn how to surrender and let go of negative phases of our lives, and bring to life positive intentions that brings healthier outcomes.


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2.Biology of belief by Bruce Lipton PhD.


This book helps you to think about your thinking. 

Learn the new scientific discoveries about the biochemical effects of the brain’s functioning and how the cells in your body are affected by your thoughts.

Epigenetics can break cycles from generations before you, from changing your diet and movement, but also your thoughts have many magical powers that you need to tap into.

Start the new year on a different path, if you’ve started the last however many years with the same protocol – lose 5kg etc and this never eventuated – this will be a great book to help your new path. 


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3.The Circadian rhythm by Dr Satchin Panda


This is a brilliant book outlining many facts about not what you eat per say, but when you eat.

He explains more about the body alignment. 

How the body reacts with physical movement at different times of the day.

The importance of sleep, which many people currently abuse.

But Dr Pandas biggest work is on Time Restricted Eating, and the importance of allowing the body to rest from digestion and all the implementation of what happens when we eat late at night and continually eat throughout the day.


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4.Genius Foods by Max Lugavere


Max has put together a wonderful book on the foods that bring you good health and why.

His mother lost her battle with Alzheimer’s this year, but the extent of his research has not gone unnoticed with his brilliant explanation of how to keep your body in good health.

To put your health first is something to be very proud of and investing in this is something you’ll never regret.


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5. Emotional Agility by Susan David


Hasn’t this word been thrown around heaps of late : Emotional…


I thoroughly enjoyed this book explaining why we get hooked, why we bottle things up and what to do if you are a person that broods a lot.

In this modern world, we are faced with many emotional challenges through social media and being online.

We are contactable 24/7 and this can be harmful for many people if they do not have a hold of their emotional limitations (generally teens).

This book is very insightful and will help you learn some interesting facts about yourself and how to treat or cope with others around you.

In respect to your health, this book is very important to help control your stressors, if you are a person to be affected by other people’s judgement and actions.

In the upcoming decade controlling the levels of your stress is crucial for your health and wellbeing.


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Plus one more…


6.Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman


Emotional Intelligence, which includes self control, zeal and persistence, and the ability to motivate oneself.

As explained in the prior book, we all need some reassurance when it comes to dealing with the modern world and the social aspects that we face now compared to years ago.

We are seeing more of other people’s lives, be it fake or real, it’s in our faces, it’s out there…

Daniel explains this plus more about how Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is more important in today’s world than that of Intellectual intelligence (IQ).


This book helps take some pressure off and in regards to health – again lowering stress helps to lower chronic illnesses.


full book review


I hope you enjoy the book reviews and if you do like some of the highlights, then I highly recommend you go out and read the entire book…


Remember investing in your health is the best investment you can do…


Here’s to your health and happiness into the new year and new decade.


May it be filled with many adventures and new focus points..


Forever grateful 


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