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Thyroid hormone, secreted from the thyroid gland, helps to manage the body’s metabolic processes, including your fat-burning potential.

It is like the thermostat on your metabolism. 

This hormone is also keenly sensitive to your daily lifestyle choices, including:

  • sleep (how long and how deep)
  • nutrition (types and amounts) 
  • stress (acute or chronic)
  • exercise (longer moderate intensity or shorter high intensity.) 

Unfortunately, your thyroid gland is primed to think food will be scarce like it tended to be long ago in prehistoric times. 

This is why when you have chosen an “eat less and exercise more” program in the past your thyroid has caused your body to slow down its metabolism. 

If you’ve experienced rebound weight gain after dieting, this may very well be why. 

When you eat less, your thyroid slows down to accommodate the reduction in calories. Then, when you go back to a regular diet, your metabolism is still operating in this downregulated state.


Think about that: 

You’re eating the same calories you did before your diet, but now your metabolism is burning even fewer calories than it did before. That’s the perfect storm for fat gain, making fat loss next to impossible.


Estrogen and thyroid hormone have a special relationship. Higher than normal levels of estrogen increase a thyroid binding hormone and high levels of this make thyroid less effective. 

So while estrogen levels that are too low are not a good thing, estrogen levels that are too high can negatively impact thyroid hormone production as well.

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