woman looking into reflection

We all want to know the secret to stay looking and feeling younger, and it’s very simple…

The harder you exercise, the greater the mitochondria changes, resulting in larger reduction in your biological age over your life span.

Weather you are already incorporating exercise into your weekly regime, or you are yet to start, please realise that ten years of exercise can change our life.

When you get oxygen into your bodies this helps our intercellular health.

  • Our best VO2 max is around 35 yrs old and around 50yrs old it starts to decrease and lowest at 60 yrs old. The reason being is there is a decrease in muscle oxygen consumption, causing you to:
  • Slow down
  • Grow weak
  • Lose stamina
We can make more energy when our mitochondria is at a better cellular level.

Incorporate the following into your weekly exercise regime:

  • strength training
  • short high intensity interval training (no longer than 20-25mins)
  • deep breathing exercises
  • adequate amounts of walking throughout the week.
  • include a workout you enjoy that gets your heart rate up and pushes your VO2 (the feeling of being puffed out)

Please do not over train (not getting adequate rest) as this will keep stress levels high in the body, triggering cortisol release (cortisol’s home base is in the belly, causing weight gain in the midsection). *this is another topic itself.

Enjoy new workouts and it’s never too late to start training.

Kerrie Fatone