The Niacin Detox Program

A simple and extremely powerful detox method to eliminate toxins.
  • Updated: this protocol is very intense and for a person wanting to try detoxing without niacin first, then I recommend having an infrared sauna to become used to the heat.



“911 Firefighters completed this detox method to eliminate all the toxins they incurred at that terrible time – their towels had purple remains on them after completing the detoxes – the amount of toxins from that tragedy was absolutely devastating in so many ways.
They completed the detox everyday for 30 days.” – L.Ron Hubbard : ‘Clear body, Clear mind’


Who would benefit from a niacin detox?


For people who would like to detox from prescribed or recreational drug usage, tobacco, alcohol, radiation exposure, toxins and heavy metals.

Below is an outline of the 2-4 week program (12 sessions).


What are toxins and how do we get them?


– Drinking out of plastic bottles
– Using mobile phones constantly
– Using microwaves
– Shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers all contain toxins
– From the soil that our food is grown in, to the pesticides used on the foods and the antibiotics that the animals are feed – which we end up eating.

We have toxins everywhere and we are unaware of the effects this can have on and in our bodies.


What are effects of heavy metals?


Can cause us to be unable to lose weight
We can end up intolerant to foods
Our hormones are affected
Our immune system is in jeopardy

The headaches you continuously get, the pain in your stomach, the bloating in your stomach and the upset bowels can all be symptoms of heavy metals and toxins in your body.

Toxins are stored in our fat and brain tissue: affects us physically and mentally.


The toxins can be broken down and excreted into our blood system and exited through sweat and urine.

The toxins in our fat cells in our brain can only be excreted when we sleep as our brain cells shrink and this allows the toxins to flow through and be released.

*Important side note: sleep is very important for the toxic release as well as many other main functions.

Eating healthy can help detox but we have to be mindful of our lifestyles not just the food.

You may get a blood test for your toxicity levels, but toxins in your fat do not show in these tests.


What’s the most effective way to release toxins?


Toxins stored inside the fat need to be released into your bloodstream so as they can be removed, (if you do not remove the toxins and you reabsorb the toxins back in your body – you will do more harm.)

You need to sweat them out through the skin via exercise and sauna or through your GI tract using supplements which I will explain.


The toxins that will be removed through this process are:

Heavy metals – mercury, manganese (NOT magnesium), lead, aluminum etc
Pharmaceutical drugs – painkillers, prozac etc
Other drugs – LSD, heroin, marijuana, PCP, cocaine, alcohol
Food preservatives
Pesticides and herbicides
Plus a lot more

Infrared Saunas are great to help removal of toxins and other benefits click here to read more.

The niacin program is very intense and used in conjunction when detoxing from drug use, radiation exposure and alcoholism as listed above.

The niacin detox program:


This program can be used to purify from running out radiation exposure and drugs.


  1. Take very small dose of niacin (vitamin B3 – you already create this in your body, it is safe).
    You are to use a flushing niacin – you DO NOT use niacinamide found in B complex capsules.

    Start with 50-100 milligrams dose with water on an empty stomach and increase slowly each time you detox.
    * You can vomit if you use too high a dose straight away.

    * You should feel and see a sensation, you feel a hot flush, prickly and itchy skin.

    Wait 5 -10 till your next step.

    2. Complete 20 mins of exercise moderate intensity but for great results – preferably high intensity works best. (see how you feel). 

    3. Get into the sauna straight after for 20- 30 minutes.
    Keep wiping the sweat off to encourage the production of more sweat.4. Drink plenty of water and put Himalayan salt in the water as well, and continue to drink whilst in sauna.
    *You will have lost a lot of water, vitamins and minerals through your sweat.

    5. Rinse off sweat to prevent your skin from reabsorbing the toxins.
    Cold shower is best (cold thermogenesis – make the fat burn as it tries to get your body to warm up).

    6. Take 4-5 capsules activated charcoal tablets (500mg each) with a few glasses of purified water.

    7.REPLENISH – You must increase your vitamin and mineral intake throughout the day after the detox, you have lost lots of important minerals so have: magnesium, calcium vitamin C and chlorella or/and spirulina (vital greens is a good source to have) these minerals are great and full of goodness, add in a smoothie with good fats and a little bit of protein.

*activated charcoal – binds toxins and safely removes them from body.

* replenish with healthy fats to support the cell membrane for exchange of toxins with nutrients.



If you would like to simply use an infrared sauna first or see the other infrared sauna packages before trying the niacin protocol, I recommend so as you feel comfortable.

Please contact me to book in for this detox: