The hormone ride


Updated: February 2019 with attached protocol.

We know that once our hormones are up the creek we are about to have a battle on our hands to lose weight, to regain energy and stabilise our moods, we are on a ride like never before…


There are so many ‘Hormone cures’ out there, but which one do you choose?…


What is the answer to fix hormones?

Increase calories?
Lower calories?
Eat low carb?
Low fat?
High fat?
or juice detoxes?


If your hormones have gone out of whack from either ridiculous diets or life in general…
– you need to reset your hormones back to giving them the nourishment they need, and in many cases through a process of elimination in a way of starting them over again from a clean slate.

Once the hormones are back on track, the good foods you eat (no matter what category they fall under), will not make your weight fluctuate like it has in the past.  

Many people will only ‘pick and choose’ part of a program, but in the protocol that Dr Sara Gottfried has set out, you need to complete the entire steps listed.


Here are the guidelines Dr Sara recommends to help reset your hormones.


My hormone experience…


Over ten years I have completed half marathons, marathons, 100 km hikes in two days, weight lifting, power lifting and competed in a figure competition.

But in all of my challenges I have always had my weight and body composition in my mind.

I wanted to run more, hike for days, powerlift, all to lose weight... and then when weight wouldn’t stay off, I entered a competition as a figure model (as an experiment), to see how the body adapted and to look amazingly fit and feel good.

I knew that after the competition I’d put on some weight , but not the amount that I ended up with. – I was devastated.




To know what I know now… All of these attempts I tried to ‘lose weight’ only put more stress on my body, spinning my hormones in a downward direction…fast!

And through all these attempts in my training regimes, I had a business breakdown, and lost my only sibling to pancreatic cancer which caused a huge amount of grief and stress… hormones struck another downward blow.


Behind the hormone scenes…


We have seven hormones that talk and communicate to each other.

Each hormone is connected to a food group that can harm them if you abuse the quality or quantity that can lead to overworked hormones.

Like when you overwork anything, it’ll break down.

Here is an outline of the hormone and the food group that Dr Sara discusses in her book:

Estrogen – Meat

Estrogen makes us the women that we are – with curves, breasts, hips etc.

Estrogen dominance causes overweight women to store more fat than burn fat.

Many women over 35 become estrogen dominant which can be effected from another hormone – insulin.

Insulin – Sugar

Insulin can control whether a calorie can make you fat. It’s another important example of how hormones dictate what your body does with food.

Insulin is a hormone in charge of how you derive energy from the foods you eat

High insulin leads to estrogen dominance, which raises testosterone, making weight loss harder.


Leptin – Fruit

Leptin is you hunger hormone, it encourages you to overeat – it’s the gatekeeper of your fat…

This hormone encourage you to overeat.


Cortisol – Caffeine

When cortisol is high, your thyroid is down, these are like the progesterone and the estrogen – you need them to balance.

High cortisol at night affects your sleep, if your sleep isn’t restful, toxins cannot be released out of the brain, making the next morning hard to get up. – HUGE fact is, if you do not sleep you can not lose weight.


Thyroid – Grains

Grains are lower in nutrients compared to vegetable and animal proteins.

Gluten in the grains can cause people to become bloated and gain weight, incur gas or other digestive issues.

(Great reads on the effects of wheat Wheat belly by William Davis and relaunch of ‘Grain Brain‘ by David Perlmutter.)


Growth hormone – Dairy

Dairy contributes to inflammation, a state that causes you to gain weight and become resistant to losing it.

Inflammation is your emergency response system, it’s normal for your body to do this.


Testosterone – Toxins

Toxins can affect your insulin and leptin and link to inflammation that can be vulnerable to autoimmunity disorders.

Detoxing is crucial for your long term health.

It boost metabolism, helps reduce estrogen-disrupting chemicals, improves thyroid functioning, and rids body of extra toxins released in the bloodstream when you lose weight.


Set point 

Another factor: people go on starvation diets to try to lose weight, maybe not realising that they are suffering from hormone imbalances.

This is not helping your hormones to mend and in the long run making them worse.

Our bodies are all different and all work to a “set point”.

Recommended book “The Calorie Myth” – Jonathan Bailor

When you go way below the set point from a ridiculous diet or maybe from a stressful time in your life – your body once recovered will go back to the set point.

In some cases depending on how low your weight dropped – your set point can adjust a little bit higher than where you started.

This explains why when people go on a diet, when they return to their normal eating habits, they gain the weight back plus a little bit more.

This is the beginning of the yo-yo diet – starting one diet after another or a different style of diet, just losing weight and then adding on more and more again.


In this time frame you also affect your metabolism, that affects the hormones by slowing it down when in ‘starvation’ (dieting) and then when you increase the food quantity the metabolism is still in ‘slow-mode’.


This is a sure sign that your hormones are starting to play up and that no matter what you do, your belly fat is increasing and you’re starting to become very upset, frustrated and stressed.


Stress relates to the hormone cortisol, and cortisol’s home base is in the belly
: stress = belly fat.


Dr Sara has outlined a fantastic hormone reset diet to help get back to a normal lifestyle, to help the hormones to communicate correctly.


Please note: There is no point in doing only a couple of these stages if you want your system to fine tune. 


The Hormone Reset guideline is for 21 days…

– you tackle each of your seven hormones –

  • estrogen
  • insulin
  • leptin
  • cortisol
  • thyroid
  • growth hormone
  • testosterone.


Here are the guidelines of this protocol.


If you want to know more I highly recommend Dr Sara’s book, here is the link to purchase or you can always borrow from a library:

The Hormone Reset diet



I wish you all the best with this hormone reset.

Please give this time for your body to adjust and this will help going forward.

I hope with your journaling you understand your body more and become more in tune with yourself.

Here is my personal Reset program to help recover from Insulin Resistance to regain energy and reduce cravings.

Now it’s time for YOU.


-professional health and fitness coach

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