The Change of Life

Perimenopause and Menopause lifestyle support

‘The Change of Life’

Starting March 2024


  • Perimenopause and menopause symptoms explained
  • Hormone profile and support to help ease symptoms
  • Nutritional guide for hormones and lifestyle
  • Movement and exercise to work with your body/hormones
  • Monthly calendar guide to reduce symptoms
  • Designed to help your body and hormones heal

Why I created The Change of Life Program



For many, this stage of life can be long and teadious, not to mention frustrating and confusing. All women go through this, weather they have given birth to children or not, they could be in their late 20’s or early 50’s before they feel the effects of this change. 

This isn’t something we should hide and not talk about, if anything this should be a discussion all women have with everyone in their circle, from sisters to friends, and all family members, husbands, daughters and teenage boys.
Once those support teams are aware of what is to come, or what is happening now, this alone can be a huge help.

FACT: Perimenopause can last for two or more decades.

Let’s learn about your hormone profile and understand why you get agitated, teary and flip out constantly. Once you connect the dip in hormones to trigger this, you can put in place what you need to fix it and help you cope better.

Here are what our hormone profile is made up of:

– ghrelin, leptin, insulin, cortisol, that control hunger, satiety, blood sugar levels and stress responses.

thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone  – moods, calmness, creativity and motivation

perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause, your life cycles – The Change of Life

plus many more that all connect and communicate to each other.

FACT: Through stages of perimenopause, EVERYONE of these are effected.


Hot flashes are not always the symptom of perimenopause, neither is sleep apnea or brain fog, every woman experiences different symptoms – some women have irregular periods and some have them every two weeks.

What the program involves:


  • Explains hormones highs and lows throughout cycle and how and why this changes our moods and patience (lack there of).
  • What lifestyle changes you can make in each week of your cycle to help support more calmer moods, take on more creative projects, be motivated and ensure you include nurturing times needed for yourself.

We all have different symptoms.


  • The Change of Life Program explains the importance of self care and down time.
  • Designed to educate you from dietary needs, workout schedules and lifestyle choices.

Women are struggling because they keep on rushing.


  • Help your frustrating situations like weight gain, brain fog, lack of sleep, low moods and no energy to feeling well, having more energy, coping with family/work life and thriving each day…

You will learn about:

  • how our bodies change;
  • why our bodies change;
  • how to deal with external life situations as well as your internal body;
  • and most importantly how we can work through our monthly (or fortnightly) cycle without going completely crazy;
  • Working with women that don’t have a cycle, but have symptoms.



This program is about learning and experiementing with yourself, to try different approaches, dietary needs and exercise/movement protocols that work best for you with your lifestyle and where you are in The Change of Life scale:

– gain energy,
– feeling good,
– improving your moods,
– more restful sleeps and waking refreshed,
– laughing more – tears of joy not tears of fears,
– learning about every hormone you have – either eating the foods to support these or resting more to rechage them,
– being comfortable in your skin,
– understanding that we all have to experiment within ourselves,
– knowing we have a supportive community around us.


Starts March 2024

Let’s learn more in ’24







– Learning when to push more and when to rest more 

– I have studied the effects of women’s cycles, some weeks energy will be low, balance will be off, so your workouts should be based on your cycle eg: end week 4/start week 1 will be nurturing, week 2 optimal, week 3 strength etc.


Training your body with regards to your energy levels will see great results.


Support & Accountability:


With over 20 years experience working with clients to help them become happier within themselves from either moving better without pain, becoming physically and mentally stronger, understanding their bodies better, losing weight, sleeping sounder and improving their self esteem. I have learnt the biggest key to this success is the accountability between coach and client.

My purpose is to help people feel safe.

This means:
– Safe information (researched)
– Safe to ask questions (all questions are good questions)
– Safe workouts to ensure working within ability
– Safe boundaries
– Safe community

I am always more than happy to support my clients, providing they are prepared to put the effort in to help themselves. The relationship between coach and client needs to have full respect on both behalves, and as my teenage boys require support from me, I ask anyone pursuing this program to understand I am a mum first and foremost, this requires time and presense with my boys.
Working with clients takes loads of energy at times, as does learning new things from a clients persepective, so this brings me to highlighting the importance of patience and self care, as much as the ‘doing’.

While wanting to begin a new program, implement a new focus on your lifestyle, many people get very fixated on reading everything and wanting lots of it. Whereas when we work on ourselves taking in small sections at a time can be very powerful, so as you stop and do the small steps to create that new but effective habbit.
Let’s learn more in 2024... learn to take the information in, visualise it, experiment with it, adjust/tweak it to your advantage, practise it and see the results…. Then move onto the next step. This is a powerful succession I feel you will benefit from.



The Change of Life program is here to bring you more joy to yourself and to those that you love and surround you.

It’s time to thrive….

If you think this program is what you need, then please contact me directly on 0413929702 start your journey – questions are welcome for more information.


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