Meal Plans

‘Meal plans’ and ‘ready-to-go’ meals are very trendy at the moment. This is understandable as living in a fast paced world, we need quick and easy, fast and simple.

With this comes loads of preservatives and unhealthy cooking oils, low grade salt and sugar to ensure the meals are palatable and profitable. Then to top this off, incorporating microwave heating in plastic containers are a sure way to harm one’s health!

We have designed meals plans that are not only simple and quick to construct then cook, but the explanation behind these self meal plans are the educational key that you will be able to use for years ahead, that will not cost you money.

They are individualised to your dietary requirements and easy to adjust for the entire family.

You will never have an end date with these, as they will help you to make lifestyle choices, be flexible through the social seasons, family holidays and special events.

Metabolic eating plan

Metabolic eating plan So the New Year is here and all the new fad diets are out and diet offers to get you all on board. I have tried every sort of eating plan there is out there and hence I do have an eating disorder myself. I now try to manage it the best way I can...

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Chicken and vegetable stack

Chicken and vegetable stack * simple and tasty. Serves 4 Marinate: 2 tbls olive oil juice of a lemon 2 cloves garlic - crushed chilli - optional Stack: 2 red capsicums cut into quarters large eggplant sliced 1 cm thick 4 x 120gm chicken breasts punnet cherry tomatoes...

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Eating Plan Theories

Eating Plan Theories When I sit down and organize my eating plan for the week, I take into account the amount of Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat per day, plus have an overall idea of the calories, so as I know I am not eating too much. I have always advised my clients...

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