Book (and Film) Reviews

I started reading more books after my brother passed away to learn as much as I could about the cause and effect of Cancer, to help deliver a message to other people to improve their own health or a family members health.

My library includes powerful books from scientists, researchers, doctors, surgeons, specialists, athletes, coaches, entrepreneurs, patients, and many autobiographies so as I can listen to their stories from broken lives to success, and also learning the history behind many false and misleading information that has been portrayed to the world. To read about information that had been hidden, and learn how this has affected the world’s health problems (not just Cancer but topics such as Autoimmunity, Diabetes and Alzheimer’s) has motivated me to read more books.
I love to learn as much as I can, to bring knowledge to the business and share amazing content with my clients and followers. Therefore I enjoy writing reviews on these books to help my community to get the best out of the book, if they do not have the time to read – but it also encourages many to purchase/library loan the books to dive deeper into topics that resonate with them.

You don’t know what you don’t know – A true coach never stops learning.

Top 5 reads from 2019

Top 5 reads from 2019   Plus a bonus one…   This year my book selection has covered a wide variety of topics for overall health.   My shift in my health coaching has been more into the intuitive space, and focus on healing through the central nervous system and into...

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Book review: Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (by Daniel Goleman)   This book was written many years ago, but still holds very true today... It is a big topic in the world today of how Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is more powerful than that of Intellectual Intelligence (IQ)... With more...

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Book review: Emotional Agility

Emotional Agility (by Susan David - psychologist)   Living in a busy modern lifestyle we all go through niggling thoughts about how we handle life and our families lives... We become hooked on things and situations, we have the same stressors and setbacks as everyone...

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Book review : Genius Food

Genius foods (Written by Max Lugavere)    This book covered a lot, some things may be a reminder, and some things are well explained, that helps you to connect the dots. I read many books and some go over the same information, but there are some books that explain it...

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Book review: The Circadian Code

The Circadian Code Dr Satchin Panda Our circadian rhythms are controlled by circadian clocks that exist in all our cells. They are programmed to turn gene on or off at different times of the day or night, they have huge impact on every aspect of our health. As we...

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Book review : The Biology of Belief

The biology of belief written and researched by Bruce H Lipton M.D This book was first published in 2005 and has been updated with stunning new scientific discoveries about the biochemical effects of the brain's functioning of cells in your body can be affected by...

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Younger [book review]

Younger by Sara Gottfried MD. This book is for all women who would like to reverse their aging and improve their health. Dr Sara has also written other amazing books for women's health [The Hormone Cure] which is great and is highly respected in the Health Industry If...

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Don’t stress

Belly Fat   I cannot wait until the day people understand that over exercising, chronic and extreme dieting, worries of body image, work worries, relationship tension, and sleep deprivation, are all forms of stress that lead to belly fat and other serious illnesses.  ...

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