Book review: Eat to beat disease

Eat to beat disease by Dr William Li   Amazing book that he has put together to help people understand how to manage their health through food. Targeted around Cancer, but also to help other chronic illnesses that are on the rise around the world.   DNA protection  ...

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Book Review: Letting Go

Letting Go is very hard for some of us, but the effect it can have on our bodies if we don't can cause us a lot of ill health..   Each meridian is associated with a particular organ, and each organ is associated with a particular emotion. For instance, depression,...

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How to boost your immune system

Immune booster tips for you and your family. This is handy information to have in this current situation, and for future Winter flu seasons. I will explain briefly why this will benefit your cells in your body and naturally help your immune system. Supplements:...

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Wineglass Bay Tasmania

This little beauty has been on ‘The list’ for awhile, and I, along with others are so glad we got to explore this beautiful part of Tasmania.   Wineglass bay is nestled in the Freycinet National Park and is part of the Coles Bay tourism, located on the east coast...

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Sleep stages and their magic

Sleep phases and their importance…   Sleep is the latest focus trend and for great reason, it’s where the magic happens. When it comes to health and fitness, so many people look straight towards the exercise output and the limited food they feel they can have, yet not...

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Book review: The Mind-Gut connection

How the hidden conversation within our bodies impacts our mood, our choices, and our overall health.   By: Emeran Mayer MD   Brilliant book to help understand the mind body connection, the hormones and our microbes within our bodies. To be aware of latest science...

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Book review: Teen Brain

written by David Gillespie     I highly recommend this book for any parents out there that have grown up themselves in a non digital world, yet we are raising our children within the digital world. It how our children hormones correlate with digital screen, and why...

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Book Review: The Magnesium miracle

The Magnesium Miracle   This is one of my favourite books - I am constantly referring to it and quoting it to many others. Dr Carolyn Dean has done an amazing job of putting all of her research into this book and giving the reader a insane amount of information in...

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Melatonin   Pineal gland - located above your ear and in line with your third eye. The pineal gland produces melatonin, a serotonin-derived hormone which modulates sleep patterns in both circadian and seasonal cycles - it is the regulator of melatonin. Melatonin is a...

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Bloating lies to women

Bloating Lies to women   With a new focus for a new year there’s a lot of hype about extra supplements for women to use to help create the goals you’re working towards.   We also need to be aware of the marketing directed to women, what applies to men is the same for...

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To tell a story is one thing, but to have the reader understand is another. These stories are written in a variety of different styles, to appeal to all levels of readers, because what resonates to one, will not be as powerful to another person.

Once someone has an ‘a-ha’ moment they have more success to change and get results.

The style of these articles include – True Stories of ‘pain to recovery’ and matter of fact information (that’s collated from latest research) to health hacks in a step by step manner for nutrition, movement, sleep and stress.

The articles are provided to help educate people about the truth and separate these from the myths that are out there in our interwebs… to learn what ‘healthy’ really is, through intelligent nutrition, smart training/movement, important sleep hacks and always a ‘work-in-progress’ stress reducing protocol.

To be honest I try to write my blog on a regular basis, but ‘life’ gets in the way at times, so I post them whenever I can.

I live by what I preach and do not want to put pressure on myself to get blogs out everyday (or for me at least two a month). I deliver important information as soon as I can.

I hope you enjoy the stories and I’m always happy for you to connect with me with any questions you may have.