How to protect your Central Nervous System

Why it’s important to protect our Central Nervous System (CNS) With the pace increasing in our lives we are not realising the damage it is doing to our CNS. Our diaries are full, our involvement is increasing, expectations are through the roof and our workouts are...

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Wedding Day preparations

Good Clean Eating and Fitness habits pre wedding day.. Here are some tips to those looking to feel and look their best on their wedding day: 1. Explore options that contains clean eating, ensure that it is full of variety; flavour, taste, texture, vitamins and...

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2020 new decade – new focus

Chronic Stress: We all know how we should be acting - as in some down time and some more active time but we don't. Many realise that Chronic stress is a main factor to health concerns such as mental health, heart health, cancer and other chronic illnesses.... If you...

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Raw Pineapple Slice

Raw pineapple and turmeric slice   Ingredients Soaking 100 g almonds 1 tsp salt filtered water, for soaking 200 g raw cashews 5 pitted dates Cake extra virgin olive oil, for greasing 120 g shredded coconut 30 g flaxseeds (linseeds) 30 g hemp seeds 200 g carrots, cut...

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Chia pudding

Chia pudding 6 fresh mint leaves 150 g frozen mango pieces (or fresh cut into pieces 2-3 cm) 400 g coconut milk ½ tsp ground cardamom 1 tbsp pure maple syrup or raw honey 100 g chia seeds Topping Passionfruit pulp Frozen raspberries Kiwi Fruit Method   Chia pudding...

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New Decade 2020 and beyond

New Decade - what will come full circle?   With only just over ten weeks to go to wrap up this year, it’s also about wrapping up this decade, it’s so exciting to have some goals or some new directions for the decade ahead... To think back to the beginning of 2010 I...

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Stop the sneezing…

The medicinal secret to stop sneezing and weeping eyes... I welcome....Reishi With it's magical antihistamines properties - it helps with suppression of inflammation on allergic responses. Immunomodulating effects which is good because you don’t want your immune...

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How to set a healthy goal.

Health Coach: Goal Setting   “It's helpful and encouraging and I always feel good about myself when leaving a session and feel that for people who are struggling with their health and trying to get back on track, health coaching motivates me to keep going.” - Michelle...

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How to stop that old and aching feeling

Let's repair your fascia As we go through life, our fascia can become dense, scarred, and thickened as a result of physical, emotional, or mental stress- all of which you have endured during your negative relationships with family or work situations/ social groups,...

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Work of a hypnotist

Checking in on you... I thought I'd share this with you from Joseph Clough - master hypnotists. It's about working on AM- PM work to help you get the most out of your day. We all spend too much time on social media sites, scrolling through emails (sorry) and reading...

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To tell a story is one thing, but to have the reader understand is another. These stories are written in a variety of different styles, to appeal to all levels of readers, because what resonates to one, will not be as powerful to another person.

Once someone has an ‘a-ha’ moment they have more success to change and get results.

The style of these articles include – True Stories of ‘pain to recovery’ and matter of fact information (that’s collated from latest research) to health hacks in a step by step manner for nutrition, movement, sleep and stress.

The articles are provided to help educate people about the truth and separate these from the myths that are out there in our interwebs… to learn what ‘healthy’ really is, through intelligent nutrition, smart training/movement, important sleep hacks and always a ‘work-in-progress’ stress reducing protocol.

To be honest I try to write my blog on a regular basis, but ‘life’ gets in the way at times, so I post them whenever I can.

I live by what I preach and do not want to put pressure on myself to get blogs out everyday (or for me at least two a month). I deliver important information as soon as I can.

I hope you enjoy the stories and I’m always happy for you to connect with me with any questions you may have.