The medicinal secret to stop sneezing and weeping eyes…

I welcome….Reishi

With it’s magical antihistamines properties – it helps with suppression of inflammation on allergic responses.

Immunomodulating effects which is good because you don’t want your immune system to be heightened if you have autoimmune issues (because that’s bad), your autoimmune issue means your immune system is hyper vigilant to begin with you don’t want something to depress your immune system if your immune system is already low.

With medicinal mushrooms often times they modulate the immune system (meaning if your immune system needs a boost it gives it a boost, if it needs a little bit of tamping down, it’ll tamps it down).

There’s been particular studies to show that reishi has got those immunomodulating effects and specific studies on how it was affecting allergies and histamine.

Outcome: Success – it works really well with these situations and the immune system.

If you have food allergies;  this can lead to gut issues and also affect your immune system… reishi could help to relieve all this by nurturing the immune system and as mentioned has the antihistamine properties to help allergies in the first place.

I love my Four Sigmatic reishi elixir, that I can drink as a hot tea, with a dash of raw honey (a night hack).
Reishi is also been proven to be your sleep friend, you get into a REM sleep faster and have a deeper sleep with this powerful mushroom.

Pic above: This is reishi in its original form 

How to drink it:


You can add nut milk to it, add it to a smoothie or as I mentioned have it as a hot tea in the afternoon or before bed.