Spring is a time to clean out your body, to kick bad habits and to some people it’s time to lean down.

An evolution of RESET

10 weeks 10 exercises 10 different methods 10 sleep hacks 10 stress hacks

In this program you have choices of steps to follow in what suits you best, as everyone is different.

Some people like an ‘all in’  approach and others like an ‘ease in’ approach.

I work with clients to help them kick bad habits and focus on their health, without stressing them out more.

Step by Step can be beneficial for some people

Stress interferes with weight loss and drains your energy. Programs that require you to train more and eat less instantly give you stress. Pressure of some exercises drive your stress levels up.
Preparing certain meals can add stress, an unplanned incident in the day could throw you off and you feel you can lose the plot.

Having a program with guidelines, but you have the option of choosing your focus, your pace, but having accountability in an agreement between client and coach, has been found to be a great way to achieve results.

This program is designed to:
Help you to kick bad habits

Learn more about your body
Learn about the better options in nutrition choices
Learn what exercise method suits your body best
You will nourish your body
You will understand movement
You will get sleep hacks
You can learn hacks to help stress management
You will work with your body

I support you
I guide you
I give you options
You choose your focus each week

The results I’ve seen from the RESET protocol has lead me to introduce an extended version to now focus on getting lean – and staying lean.

Those wanting to join this program need to agree to work with me, and hold up your end of the agreement – a personalized agreement will be made between client and coach.
I help those that want to be helped, this is you chance to work into Summer with a structured plan.


$350 for 10 weeks

This includes 3 x workouts per week, nutritional guidelines, community group involvement, personal coaching.

Contact me to organise your pre screening and personal agreement plan for your next 10 weeks.

Paypal options available

In the meantime download my free EBOOK to get started.

It’s time to SPRING LEAN…..

Designed by Kerrie Fatone Health Coach and incorporated with Bounce Fitness Private personal training studio. – help people to live healthier for longer x