Youth Fitness Training

To teach our youth of today to embrace and understand the power of their bodies in a healthy way.

We have put effort into helping young people in our community to get stronger not just in their body but also in their mind to help them embrace their bodies in a more beneficial way to living a healthier lifestyle.

The focus within these groups sessions (and 1:1 sessions) is to bring home the message that we are all different, with different strengths and abilities.

Within the group many realise they may be stronger, faster or more flexible, but it’s great to see the youths work together and embrace themselves and their friends to encourage each other.


Youth training is available for anyone wanting to:

  • feel better within themselves
  • get more movement into their week in a controlled and safe environment
  • work on developing strength in their chosen sport or just overall
  • to help their sleep
  • improving their physical fitness
  • to become apart of a community that embraces all
  • to understand their body and deal with the growth their body is going through.
  • to help prevent injuries.




We are battling times like no other, and with youths we find screens are a big contributor to their ‘new normal’,  but this can have damaging effects on them in terms of self esteem, self worth and loss of connection.

With the youth programs it is scientifically proven that physical exercise helps the natural endorphins lift giving our youths a feel good boost.

Physical exercise also helps to provide better sleep patterns, they are physically and mentally exhausted, which can keep them off their devises and into bed at a reasonable time – plus the time here in the groups gets them moving and off their devises.

We take care in emphasising a holistic approach to all aspects of health whilst training, to bring back balance to one’s life, screens versus physical interaction with others.

We have become a very unstable society, – the biggest being mental health.

Physical training is a big contributor to helping people reduce anxiety and depression that can lead to mental health and poor body image.

This is where we ensure that throughout the training groups (or 1:1) we focus on self improvement, and self acceptance within our bodies as they grow throughout their teenage years..

Kerrie Fatone is a certified Fitness, Health and Well-being Coach.

Working as a Personal Trainer for over 20 years, she now incorporates Health and Wellbeing at the high level of her PT business, understanding the importance of youth movement.

Kerrie has two active boys in their teen years, so her experience and knowledge is very much up to date with today’s society and needs.

Kerrie also obtains a Working with Children’s check and her training centre is located in a private area, where the children are safe and protected.

[ ‘Tex’ the Australian Shepherd ensures all children are safe as well ]

This is Tex

Youth training Timetable


Monday 4pm

40 min Group session

Wednesday 4pm

40 min Group session

1:1 or private duo Sessions

Maximum 8 People
Family or selected friends to train together

I enjoy the variety of ways Kerrie pushes us to exercise, she always encourages us and motivates us to be the best we can be. It is always a fun atmosphere when working out.
I feel proud that I’ve accomplished something.

Hamlyn Heights

I enjoy all the elements of training – It’s another way to create relationships with older and younger people, plus gives me a different form of exercise than netball training. I like how there is a variety of choices for each session and they are all different.
I wouldn’t be at my level of fitness without Kerrie’s amazing help and persistence.
Sophie F

Herne Hill

Training gives me the ability to keep my fitness levels whilst gaining more muscle and the ability to become stronger.
It is hard work but definitely worth it by the end and I enjoy that I am pushed throughout the sessions, with allowances of being able to change the amount of weights we are using if need be.
Training, especially the strength part, has enabled me to become stronger and improve my fitness in a new way that I don’t think I would have tried before.
Sophie W


Training gives me a fun reason to keep active while netball is not on. I am able to stay fit, get stronger and better at my other sports.

Hamlyn Heights

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