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When people enquire for support for their weight loss, they always want a quick and easy fix. Yes, it’s easy to give meal plans for people to follow, but the most beneficial way to lose weight and keep it off is education.


Along with education is the opportunity to introduce new products to help clients improve their health. The service we provide doesn’t stop at the door, we wanted you to take more home with you…

To support our clients ongoing health we have a range of products available in the gym and online. Easy access to top quality health products and very innovating new products on the health scene, such as mushroom coffees and elixirs, protein powders, and magnesium salts with much more that can help improve your health.

We are affiliated with local produce as well from pantry items to fresh fruit and vegetables to support local businesses and the community.

Essential oils are a huge addition to the wellness field and we are recognised as a Wellness Advocate for doTerra. This includes workshops and information nights that contribute to the holistic side of the business.

To help our clients often it can take a team. We gladly offer our clients referrals to and recommendations of local services to help their journey so we introduce them to businesses services that they need such as, acupuncturists, reiki healing, remedial massage, physiotherapy, yoga studios and naturopaths. These businesses are ones we know of personally, have long standing relationships with and, in many cases are who we use for our alternative health services. When you have the team support, you have the best advantage of finding the healthiest you.


Locally sourced products & produce

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