Personal Training

Providing a very private gym to the clients in a one-on-one service or in a group setting.

With over two decades of experience we have found that many people come and go: Clients can come for a reason, season, bi-monthly or a lifetime – it’s up to the individual on what they need, at the time they need. We have  no lock in contracts which allows for this flexibiilty.

There is also an understanding that each client has different needs and abilities, therefore modifications are provided for these circumstances.

The program is based on the clients needs and goals, ranging from strength performance, to improvement of cardiovascular fitness. We also incorporate flexibility and functional movement, plus an online visual coaching program is available as well for clients unable to get to the gym.

The group programs are a great way to feel a part of a very welcoming community, that embraces and encourages each other, which helps you to feel accountable towards each others successful results.

The programs are always varied throughout the year – from stand alone workout challenges, to paired with nutritional support and some programs are with a full holistic health involvement.  For more information, check out our programs.

Through many years of working with clients, we understand that training programs need to be fitted to the trainee to gain the best results.

The focus here is: it’s not about volume it’s about volume results per client.

6am Monday/Wednesday/Friday
8:45am/9am start Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Ready to be a better, healthier, stronger you?

Let’s have a quick chat about your fitness, your goals and what you want to achieve.

Kerrie has been amazing at helping me achieve my health and fitness goals. Every session is always different which keeps me interested and motivated! She has created a positive environment, which I love.

Emma L


More strength, more healthy, have more energy to do things with the kids, my moods have changed.

Kate V