With a passion and love for food, nutrition was high on the list of priorities, to understand how best food can be medicine and fuel to the body.

With many controversial sources of information available, we found it very beneficial to research the history, the experiments, the facts and the latest research studies, to help deliver to our clients the big picture of how and why many people have become unwell, and how our food choices of ‘healthy’ is very cloudy.

Everyday new research is published and to keep our clients up to date with this information is valuable for their health and their families health.

The nutritional guidance is to:

– help clients to understand food labels
– the consequences of ingredients in foods
– the best alternatives to use
– the most optimal way to include, store and cook with foods.

Many people are cooking with foods that are unsafe, non nutritional and what they thought was healthy can in fact be harming their cells in their body, that leads to inflammation and illnesses.

By working with clients step by step to help them swap foods in their diet, through elimination and introducing vitamins and minerals is a wonderful start to their new health journey.

Recognised nutrition accreditation
Certified Nutrition psychology for food choice and eating habits
Certified super nutrition and superfoods for optimal health.

Certified Natural Therapist

Kerrie Fatone is a certified Natural Therapists from the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

Kerrie is such an advocate of healthy eating and taking care of your body in the long term, but also concentrating on a healthy mind and reducing the daily stress in your life which has such an impact on your health too.

Lizzie B


I would like to thank you so much for motivating me to change my eating habits in a slow and manageable way that hasn’t made me feel like I’m missing out.

Amanda I.

Hamlyn Heights