Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas are leading the way in providing optimal health, speedy recovery, improving growth hormones along with many other benefits.

We wanted to offer more to our clients and to expand the wellness space, to assist our clients with speedy recoveries and overall health benefits, so we created a tranquil space with an infrared sauna and invigorating outdoor shower for the clients to invest in; from DOM’s (delayed onset soreness) to strained muscles, ‘game’ injuries and overtrained bodies after completing marathons or the like.

It also comes in handy to help fight off colds and flus with the clients and their family members, plus it can assist in supporting cancer clients in between treatments due the increasing of white blood cells.

The outdoor shower set up is heated, however those wanting to experience a cold thermogenesis protocol (hot to cold transformation) this has been a inspiration for many clients the modern health ritual.

Here is a list of all the infrared sauna health benefits:

1. Detoxification
2. Athletic recovery
3. Arthritic and muscular pain relief
4. Fat loss and muscle gain
5. Immune boost system
6. Skin rejuvenation
7. Improved sleep
8. Increased cardiovascular performance
9. Heart Health
10. Burning Calories

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