Health Coaching

What does a health coach do?

Health coaching is a very personal service where the health coach works with a client to help them with their current health concern/situation in the best possible way.

It is a partnership between the coach and client, to plan the most successful path to seek the results the client is after.

For clients who struggle with a busy or unhealthy lifestyle, helping to organise, support and educate them to live a healthier lifestyle so that they are happier to do the things they enjoy in life.

The clients concerns may be one or a combination of;

  • nutrition
  • movement
  • stress or
  • sleep issues

which are contributing to their poor health. One of the most common areas we are working with clients on is helping them out of their ‘diet coma’s’ and restricted lifestyles.

We take care in emphasising a holistic approach to all aspects of health, to bring back balance to one’s life, and to eventually help their families as well. Once the coach has the backstory from the client – the coach presents a variety of information from many relevant sources, the coach will then deliver helpful plans to improve the client’s health concerns.

Between the partnership of the coach and client, they set out the focus points that fit best. We have become a very unhealthy society, through so many misleading fake studies, marketing companies and government influences, that have lead the world into a very scary health situation – the biggest being mental health. Health coaching has been a big contributor to helping people reduce anxiety and depression that can lead to mental health and poor body image through very informative nutritional advice, stress relief techniques, sleep remedies and movement support.

By tackling all the areas of health in a very methodical way, with the recognition of behavioural coaching, certified nutrition psychology with food choices and eating habits, plus wellbeing management, accreditation Kerrie Fatone Health Coaching has lead the way for many people that felt their health was once broken.

Health Coaching Package Options

Individual Consultation

6 Week Package

4 Sessions

3 Month Package

6 Sessions

6 Month Package

12 Sessions

Group Session

Maximum 8 People

All programs include optional programs coinciding with group trainings – refer to programs section for more information

Working on stressors was probably my biggest eye opener. Previously I was aware of most of them but felt the anxiety surrounding them was just something I had to accept. Processing them on paper & discussing ideas to reduce or eliminate was exactly the focus & drive I needed.
Morgan B

Geelong West

I feel healthier on the inside and out. My skin feels softer, I don’t feel heavy and bloated all the time, I have more energy and I have found myself eating foods I never thought I would and my sleep is better.
Kate V


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COVID-19 Notice

Continuing with regular exercise is important during these uncertain times.

In line with the Department Health and Human Services under the current stage restrictions it is stated on their website that :

Indoor gyms and fitness spaces open up for up to 20 people.
Maximum 10 per space per 8 square metres.

I'd like to assure all my clients that train in my facility that I meet the health departments requirements in cleaning protocols and documentation of attendance.

Other protocols such as wearing of face mask have been put in place and will be discussed with each client.

I have outdoor facilities to accommodate those that feel more comfortable also.

Health coaching is still available and is very important at this time to help the health. I welcome all my current clients and welcome new clients who might be suffering anxiety issues, low mood and high stress. This service is certainly in demand and I have places available - please contact me for more information on 0413929702