Here are some support essential oils that can bring relief…



For the people suffering from the cold during winter – there are many oils that can help with not only the immune support but also when it comes to Rheumatoid and Arthritis pain.


Some people haven’t got the ability to move around freely on colder days and therefore can really feel the stiffness within their body., right down to their bones.


Some people are so restricted with their soreness and arthritic pain to be able to move.

The main forms of arthritis are: osteoarthritis, affecting mainly weight-bearing joints, such as hips and knees, spine and shoulders and is often caused by wear and tear.
Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory connective-tissue disease that is often hereditary.
Gout, on the other hand, is caused by an excess of uric acid in the blood, but the results are also an inflammation of the joints, particularly the feet and hands.

Like all aspects of wellbeing, essential oils can help relieve the pain and discomfort in many situations and for those that suffer from either Rheumatoid Arthritis or Arthritis pain.
Here is a list of essential oils that may benefit your situation, and having such a variety of essential oils to choose from can come down to what resonates with you through smell and your inner connection.




Warms the joints, easing stiffness and swelling. Useful for gout by helping joint inflammation and increasing mobility giving those with arthritic pain some relief as well.
(side note: great for nausea and stomach cramps that people can get through the pain)



Helps with relief for muscular spasms and painful rheumatic joints, reducing stiffness and swelling.
Generally warms limbs, assisting circulation.
Helps dispel tension, so often the result of the common-place pressures of everyday life, and improves well-being.
(Also great to help balance blood sugar levels).
– Another oil that is similar to Cinnamon and tastes similar as well as the medicinal benefits is Cassia Essential Oil.



This oil has warming properties that help reduce muscular aches and pains, eases stiffness and swelling in joints. It is soothing, encouraging a sense of comfort for those is a lot of pain – emotionally or physically.




Calming and refreshing, bringing relief from nagging headaches or migraines as well as the warming qualities with relief to muscular tension and cramps. Eucalyptus helps with relief for arthritic and rheumatic pain.




Warming effects can provide relief for arthritic and rheumatic pain in the joints and generally help improve and maintain blood circulation.
(also good for those suffering with psoriasis and eczema)

Juniper Berry:


May help relax and generally soothe in times of stress, anxiety and nervous tension. As all the other oils mentioned this helps to relieve muscular tension and cramps and help reduce stiffness and swelling in joints.
(eases discomfort of gout)




When discussing the best essential oils for arthritis inflammation, lavender will always come up.Generally used to improve sleep or treat the skin, lavender essential oil once again displays its wide range of results when considering its therapeutic benefits for arthritis.

As an anti-inflammatory oil, lavender can help to relieve the painful swelling and inflammation that arthritis, in its various forms, creates. Lavender is an analgesic as well, tackling arthritic pain from multiple angles. 

Since lavender can be used for anxiety and depression, it may also help to relieve secondary issues that arise in a life of a person in chronic pain. Its gentle nature makes lavender a reliable choice for most people’s use and application.




Again the warming qualities provide relief from rheumatoid and arthritis pain.
Generally refreshing and helps to relax and soothe in times of stress, anxiety and nervous tension.




Another oil that has warming properties relieving muscular pain and helps to ease stiffness and swelling in joints, offering relief from arthritic pain.
An ideal after sports rub as well.
(good for stomach cramps and discomfort that can be caused by muscular pain – also helps through the colder months with coughs and flu).




This is an all rounder essential oil, but in the terms of arthritis, it’s warming qualities help relieve muscular tension, stiff and swollen joints. Also improves circulation, particularly in the limbs, and eases discomfort for those suffering with varicose veins.




This is a soft fragrance oil, with woody/floral overtones that is calming in times of stress and anxiety, which is common with those irritated with these pains.
Helps to relieve muscular spasms and pains, including tired aching limbs. Helping relief with arthritic and rheumatic pain.
(Great skin cleanser as well).




Known as “the oil of tranquillity” because of it’s calming action and is brilliant through massage.

It’s warming qualities offer relief from arthritic and rheumatic pamin by easing stiffness and swelling in the joints. Also of benefit to the circulation, particularly the limbs.
Vetiver is generally comforting for your wellbeing, helping to reduce tension and stress – wonderful for a deep and restorative sleep.



This oil is a natural pain reliever for joints and muscles, helping circulation and arthritis pain.
Having a methyl salicylate giving that refreshing burst and in this case the cooling yet warming effects when applied. This helps to get into the muscles as well.
When applied to the skin, including tissues at the site of pain, wintergreen oil has analgesic properties… A combination of wintergreen oil and peppermint oil is commonly used because it is believed to give far better pain relief than either wintergreen oil or peppermint oil alone.




These oils can be used through massage, bath, diffused and inhaled.


Blends available: 


DoTERRA has a blend already made into a 10ml roller PASTTENSE (relaxation blend)

Or here are some ideas to blend yourself for your diffuser, add to your bath, or make your own roller blend:

3 drops Juniper
3 drops Geranium
2 drops Vetiver


4 drops Lavender
3 drops Cypress
3 drops Eucalyptus

You can diffuse or blend together oils that resonate with you in the fragrance, and you can diffuse just a singular oil if you so wish.


Arthritis pain-reducing cream:
14 drops eucalyptus
14 drops marjoram
7 drops lavender
7 drops rosemary
30mls almond oil (or avocado oil)
30mls apricot oil (or coconut oil)
1tbl jojoba oil

1. Drop the essential oils into the glass jar.
2. Add the carrier oils and mix well.
3. Rub over sore, arthritic joint daily or as needed.
4. Store in a lotion dispenser or glass jar.

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