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A few times a year we like to plan activities outside the gym (check out where we’ve been) and our everyday environments. It gives us a chance to reconnect with ourselves, nature and reset our focus. Our retreats provide an opportunity to embrace some ‘you’ time, with like-minded individuals. They are fully catered and include information sessions, massages, optional activities, cooking demonstrations and meditation.

Our hikes are generally overnight and fully catered for with delicious wholesome food.

To find out more of what’s involved read the FAQs below or click on the links for our upcoming retreats & guided hikes. We also have plenty of payment options so everyone has the opportunity to be involved.

Upcoming Retreats, Hikes, Classes and Mini Breaks


Nourish Day

More information coming soon.

Stay tuned. Or register your interest now.


Retreats currently on hold.


A big thank you to Kerrie for organising the Tassie 2017. It was a well planned and organised trip! Whilst each individual came along for their own reasons, it was great to
travel and walk with a group of like minded people, the structure of the planned walks meant you were challenged and but able to walk at your own level.

I came away from the trip feeling accomplished , refreshed and grateful for the experience’



You’re fantastic Kez with your motivation and your big heart. It was really lovely being away with the group in Tassie and to know everyone has met you through different ways and have a story to tell about their journey. You are changing lives Kez, might be baby steps that become bigger steps then giant leaps.


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What events do you have coming up?
We always have some great events planned.  The information listed above showcases our current events, however if you’d like to chat about a specific event get in contact with us or join our Facebook Group for latest info.
Where do you go?
We plan a variety of events. Some close by, some interstate and if demand warrants we also look at relevant overseas locations.
Do I need to be Super Fit?
Each event has different requirements, some are minimal fitness, others require a degree of fitness. We won’t let you tackle anything we don’t think you’re capable of. Additionally we can always work on a training program to get you ready for an event if thats your goal. Contact me for more information 0413 929702
How much are the Retreats?
Our aim is to ensure that the retreats are affordable and we use the best resources we can.
Each location or event can incur different costs, so they do vary.
It’s important to us to include everyone so we are aware to operate these experiences at the best price we can.
If you have a particular event or hike you are interested in and would like to discuss please contact me on 0413929702
What is Supplied?
Each event is different:
– The retreats list what is supplied so please check out the relevant links to these retreats.
– The hikes always require participants to bring backpacks and belongings, again these are varied due to what type of hikes we are conquering.
– Please see the relevant links, they will give you more information, and if you’re still wondering please contact me on 0413929702
Where can I get more information?
Contact me on 0413 929702