Reset Program

Due to the hands on nature of the program I keep the number on each program limited. Contact me to find out more about the reset program.


If you would like a free 15 minute consult to discuss  your eligibility for the program then contact us, the Reset program is available ongoing now, as everyone is ready at different times, so this program works best when you are ready to commit.

If you would like to start with some simple tips here is my Free eBook, that can help you get going.


Reset Starts: When you’re ready – then there’s no excuses


Program length: 4 weeks

$180 includes matrix plan, initial 4 day meal plan, essential oils other support pack plus 3 workout sessions per week.


  • 4 week program
  • Includes matrix meal plan to guide you in constructing meals
  • Remove food groups for 4 week – to Reset the body
  • Step by step option available (discuss with coach)
  • UPDATED: Essential oils for support plus other support packs
  • Availability to train 2 or 3 times per weeks
  • Home workouts available with no equipment needed
  • Small groups so coach can focus better on technique & emotional support
  • Supportive Facebook community group
  • From 2018-2020 re-setters lost an average of 5 kgs (a few lost 7kgs) they followed the program correctly, and they certainly got the results they were after.
  • Constructing meals that you like based on matrix rules was simple, yet very effective
  • UPDATED: First 4 days meal plan will be given and will be explained why on sign up.
  • UPDATED: Essential oils will be included for added support.
  • Option of 3 gym session a week in a style that gets you breathless and burning, but does not leave you exhausted and hungry, messing with your mind.
  • Groups were small to keep the energy up in the room, technique corrected and question time with the coach to help with any concerns within the program.
  • Community involvement helped everyone stay on track with support from like minded people, all feeling the same frustrations.

Once you’re committed, please fill out this pre screening form , then payment will need to be completed.
When payment is processed, I will send through all the other relevant information and I will add you to the facebook group with other participants so as you get support from within the community.

“Don’t feel as bloated, have more energy, the cravings are subsidising, and I seem more satisfied after my meals, plus my clothes are looser as well.”
–  Kate V : Lara

Amazing. Thanks so much Kerrie
– Simone A : Geelong West.

Feel fresher. Also not hungry at all some days only eating two meals I’m that satisfied. Clothes are a little looser too.
– Amanda I : Hamlyn Heights

“I honestly haven’t felt this good in probably a year or more. Anxiety significantly reduced, energetic during the day, sleeping so well and just feel so, so happy! Thanks so much for your support, dedication and passion for what you do. You’ve inspired me. x”
– Chantelle N : Torquay

“I was heavier than I had ever been & felt every kilo of it. The girls at gym spoke so positively of the program & I knew I needed some help / direction to get started. Kez was the girl for the job!”
– Donna P : Herne Hill

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