Aesthetic Program

This program is designed to use traditional strength programming that takes out the burpees, the ‘beat the clock’, AMRAPS, EMOM, and helps you to focus on gaining strength and changing your body aesthetically.

If you have been training in a way that is more like ‘cardio with weights’ and have found that you did change in the beginning, but plateaued after awhile or burnt out, it’s time to learn how to use traditional strength training to help your metabolism and your body change consistently.

I am excited to take groups through this program with a coinciding eating plan to compliment the training.

Both the training and the diet is nothing fancy, but works for those that need simplicity and structure.

Starts when you are ready and runs for 12 weeks.
Option 1 : program and gym space 
Option 2 : purchase program only 

More you’d like to know…

There are three phases in the strength program;

  • phase one is getting the participant focused on good form, and learn to load weights in a safe way by working through a low rep range.
  • phase two to push that bit more and increase the rep range
  • phase three will incorporate supersets to give the body a challenge

Through these phases the participant will learn how to fuel their body correctly with a macro focus. Some people feel hungrier on the days of training, others may feel the hunger come about the day after. This is an individual need and each person will work with this in their own way.

  • Each session should take about 45 minutes to complete
  • Food is your choice, to help work in with family meals
  • No cardio or jumping around, this program is to work on form and range of movement.
  • Outside the gym there will be movement targets required, however this will be an individual goal as some lifestyles may be very active therefore I will discuss with each individual if they need to focus more on recovery and rest to help their aesthetics.
  • This program will help metabolism, it is very structured and simplified for those busy mums that don’t need any more complications in life.


– Most of the participants improved their lifts by 50%
– By increasing their lifts by this much is a reflection on muscle built in this time. The more muscle we have the better our metabolism works, plus helps bone density as we age.
– Participants also felt more energy throughout.
– Lifting weights is a key component to longivity and everyday movement.

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Kerrie Fatone