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‘How to break the diet mentality’

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This introductory program will really help you understand how to improve your metabolism so that you can live a life free of dieting and live through the change of life without a major change of body…



  • New science of metabolism
  • The brain, the hormones and the metabolism
  • The 3 laws of metabolism
  • Stress and Metabolism
  • Teaching frameworks with eating and workouts to help metabolism
  • Cycle lifestyle for healthy metabolism
  • Accountability worksheets

‘Physical follows the physiological’

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Adaptive Metabolism Program

Information for Adaptive Metabolism

The aim is to get our metabolism healthy.

A FAST metabolism is NOT the answer, this increases the metabolism, which increases the hunger. You may refrain from eating, but you have placed stress on the body, and this is the KEY element to this program.

If we cycle our eating and exercise daily and weekly, we are ensuring our metabolism will continue to ADAPT.

This program will start by having you learn and take note of when you are hungry, to the point you live in the pantry. It will also have you take into consideration the movement/exercise you are doing.

Adaptive metabolism is not like other programs where you follow a meal plan, do some exercise and track your sleep, this is about being your own detective, because I can only assume you have tried many other eating plans, succeeded yet rebounded back plus some?

Being a woman we become overwhelmed with the household duties from organising to doing, updating calendars and ticking off jobs. This on top of all other responsibilities with work and social needs certainly cause stress on the body, and history has it that when we gained more weight each year, we tried to do more exercise to keep it off or get it off, along with hardly eating – making us even more irritable.

Many women also get frustrated around their period due date with the cravings and moods that come with it. This can be a sign of hormonal dysfunction and this certainly impedes on the metabolism. Women find themselves very hungry and eating foods they wish they didn’t, leading to over consuming and in some areas bad bloating.

At this time of the month our energy changes, so therefore training protocols will need to (and should) change as well.

By tracking through this program you’ll note if you are hungry the week before the period is due, some could be 4 days 2 days before?
Some people are really flat the week of their period, some just the day they get their period?

We tend to write off the whole week in cases, whereas we are only talking a couple of days of that week – similar to ‘stuffing up the diet on a Wednesday and not starting till the following Monday! – see what I mean, we write off 4 days, when we could have changed our mindset on Thursday morning.


Our aim:


Help hormones, PMS, bloating and cravings, reduce the consistent weight gain and energy loss. Becoming a detective of your own triggers and actions.

For those that have moved through menopause, this is a great time to track your month that may be based around moon cycles, or trends over your month.


Ready to repair metabolic damage?


This program has been laid out to give you weekly emails, video content and accountability forms to fill out and track.

The emails will explain some of what is in the content of the video messages so you have it all written down to look over, it will be relevant to what information you’ll need to document to help work through as you lay out your base foundation to move forward in the coming weeks and months.

Having an adaptive metabolism helps to keep your health in good condition, it will prevent ‘diets’ in the future along with those ‘transformational challenges’ [click bait].
You will be able to live a life full of experiments adjusting when you need, forever evolving and definitely not restrictive.
It’s really about creating your own program, the one that works for you.


We lay out:


– Human physiology
– The brain, the hormones and the metabolism
– The laws of metabolism and the major areas to tackle
– Stress and metabolism
– Nutritional frameworks and prehab
– Exercise protocols, female cycle and future planning

‘Physical follows the physiological’

You will note some patterns you consistently go through either weekly or monthly.
For example when tracking steps you may find a certain day of the week is much higher than another. This can be from the weekly requirement of your job or family needs that has you either moving more or less.

Tracking can also point out lack of sleep, moods, food or exercise choices, irregular periods and stress signals.

This is important information going forward to know as to why you may be tired, craving foods or have mood swings. This affects hormones and calorie input, which is what we cover in detail throughout this program.

Adaptive metabolism is designed to give you the tools to live life without ‘dieting’ and to educate you on how to live week to week, month to month and year to year, cycling and changing your energy in and out.

When you understand how your metabolism has become damaged over the years, you can start to repair it and ensure it stays healthy, which then allows you to become ‘diet free’.

This isn’t a restrictive plan, this is a method of how you can live a healthy life.

“Food is not simply a packet of fuel and nutrients, it is also a complex bundle of instructions to your metabolism” – Dr Jade Teta.


In this program you will learn:

– Cycle eating, producing stable energy for hours, that won’t make you crave all the wrong stuff later. You will eat in a way you enjoy and have a metabolism that is very adaptable.


– How to exercise in a way that does not trigger hunger hormones, or reduce muscle mass, instead you benefit on gaining lean tissue. You will exercise to shuttle extra calories into lean mass development and not over extend the metabolism to where it shrinks back even more than it was before due to over exercising and under eating.


– Having too much stress on the body in terms of eating less and exercising more or eating more and not exercising both are issues for the metabolism, then on top of that you have lifestyle, family and relationship stress plus financial stress – no wonder the metabolism is a mess. You will learn to adjust some stress triggers, as we know we cannot manage all.


– You will receive an bio-mechanical checklist to help learn how to know when something is not working well, and this can be adhered to before your weight, energy or mood spirals out of control.

6 weeks and beyond


– First 6 weeks an email will be sent with an accountability form attached for you to fill out, gathering as much information as we can.
– Feedback will be given each week on focus points and suggestions going forward for the next few weeks.
– 6 weeks from the last week (12 weeks from beginning) follow up on progress and adjustments made.
– Contact is available between these times for any support needed.


Please note I cannot diagnose any symptoms, the information given in this program is for educational purposes only and a guide to help individuals learn more about new science on metabolism.


Kerrie Fatone


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