This is a very busy time for me to work with clients that are wanting to start a fresh.


1. Don’t always be weight focused – work on getting healthy and the weight will change.

2. Never put a ridiculous time frame on goals – if it took you two – five years to increase your weight until now, then expect a good two years to get it off (to stay off!) This is very relevant due to covid.
When people expect to lose 5kg in a month, or X amount in a couple months, and then don’t, they throw the towel in, but you must understand this is a journey, and to work on nutrition to nourish your body, sleep to rejuvenate the body and stress to relieve the body, this all takes time.

3. Flogging yourself in the gym is not going to get results quicker – choose realistic times you can complete an exercise you enjoy, and keep consistent. If it’s two days a week, that’s great, if it’s a 20 minute walk each day, that’s wonderful. It’s things like this that you can keep regular and consistent that will get you better results.

4. Sleep is a major contributor to weight loss – so best you work on a better sleep routine before you sign up to 5am classes, especially if you’re not a morning person.

5. Work with a coach to help you start to work out something that suits your lifestyle in diet, exercise, sleep and stress management.
Lastly… be kind to yourself… working on healing your inside will be more benefical and the inside transformation is what’s most important.
Kerrie Fatone