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Fact: Your metabolism is extremely responsive to diet, exercise and adrenal function.

Getting your adrenal into tip-top condition can work wonders with resetting your metabolism and then keeping it healthy.

Learn this through my reset program which helps educate you about insulin resistance and correct metabolic flexibility through exercise, diet and recovery.

People can try workouts that they THINK will work, but can be doing more harm to their adrenals which in turn wrecks their metabolism.

I’ll give you a sneak peak of the RESET program:

One simple step is to have breakfast within hour of waking, to help keep your adrenals supported and not stress them out thinking that they will miss out on nutrition.

Another is to keep meal times around the same time again to help nurture and support, but you can change up the meal size, as your body likes to adapt.
Your body likes to adapt with volume of food, types of exercise and a big one is temperature – learn about cold thermogenesis, such as cold showers.

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Kerrie Fatone