person holding out pair of jeans to show how much weight they have lost with a set of scales pictured in front


There are so many physically unhealthy ways to lose weight!

What you want to consider is the skills, the behaviours and the disciplines you develop along the way and what type of relationships you have with this new lifestyle and how long is it going to take. 

The way you live now, and just say you want to lose 20-30kgs or just a lot of weight – the life that you live now is the life that has created this body you now have.

The life that you are GOING to have to live at 20-30kg lighter is VERY different and it’s not just the actions it is also the mindset that has to be very different, because the mindset doesn’t match or support the actions, then your results are going to be temporary and eventually your actions will go back to what your mindset is.

What you have to consider with your weight loss is – what’s a pace that I can do that will allow me to adjust my mindset, my lifestyle, my psyche, my behaviours so that it sticks?

This is what you really need to consider and SLOW is proven to be better – because this is a transitionary period that is going to take time to go from 30kg loss to 20kg loss and every step along the way is different to before as you have to continually change and in order for you to make it stick you have to really consider this!

Let’s not work on a goal of weight per week, let’s work on goals on habits and behaviours first.
EG: it could be going for a walk each day in week one (15mins is good, it’s more than you did).
Do you have enough fibre in your diet?
There are so many other focus points you can check off instead of a scale that sits on your bathroom floor and gives you one number!

I hope you create a good mindset for your weight loss journey. If you’d like help please contact me

Kerrie Fatone