Become a fat burner and reshape your body.

4 x weeks

1 x ketogenic meal plan guide (you’ll receive a weekly email step by step)
8 x Infrared sauna (x 2 per week)
8 x 45 min weight training sessions (x 2 per week) – timetable listed below.
4 x HIIT session per week (20-40mins per session)

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6am till 7am  5pm 6am (B’burn)


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  • If another time required a $10 fee will be added.

This program will run for 4 weeks and will give you benefits straight away.

The reason why I designed this program is to take your focus off the scales and help those with hormone issues and, to start to look at the other benefits within this health program such as better moods, sleep, skin rejuvenation, hormone healing, repair injuries, athletic recovery, reduce inflammation, detox, immune system boost, muscle gain, fat loss and best of all heart health along with longevity.

I have combined a package for you like no other – you will receive a weekly email from me with step by step guidelines on what you should eat, what you should stay away from and what you need to do to get your body to adapt to ketosis.

Combined with the eating guide you will also have two infrared saunas (40-45 min each session) each week and two weight sessions per week with me. I will provide you with a HIIT program to complete at home (20-40 mins) – this is optional but there if you want to do it.

The reason why I have included a package with infrared sauna is so that your body can detox in a relaxed state. So many people starting a new health program go out hard and exercise like maniacs to only burn out after a couple of weeks. They feel they have to burn calories flogging it out on the pavement, and cut their calorie intake by half, well not any more. One of the many benefits of an infrared sauna is that you can burn 600 calories by sitting in the sauna reading a book if you wish – it’s a dry heat and very relaxing. I will send through all the benefits of an infrared sauna so as you understand why this is so important in this program.

If you have adrenal issues or thyroid concerns this program will be ideal for you. If you have hormone problems, flogging yourselves in a gym or group session with lots of cardio will never give you the results you are looking for. Your body will not lose body fat, in fact it will store it more. I will send you through information on this if you require so again you understand why you are not getting anywhere if you are currently trying to run off your unwanted body fat when you have a hormone problem.

This new health program will have you increase your muscle mass and shed away unwanted body fat and keep it off. So many people have tried low fat diets, starvation diets and many other fad diets to only regain the weight lost, plus more.

If you read below the reasons why a ketosis plan works with your body not against it, I will continue to educate you along the way. I will not tell you what to eat, I will guide you in what you should be eating, I will educate you so as you understand and you don’t have to be tied to me forever. I like all my clients to learn all about how and why their bodies work, and then I want you to feel confident and eventually be able to tackle your health choices on your own. You may take 4 weeks, 8 weeks or 6 months, but I will have you educated and organized to be able to coupe and implement these changes in not only your life but your family’s lifestyle as well.

Here is more information on what a ketogenic diet is all about:


Ketosis convert from a sugar burner to a fat burner.

Those wanting to know more about the Ketosis.
It’s not the “Atkins” diet, the Atkins diet was low fat but high protein.
Ketosis is: Low carb – moderate protein – high fat

If you think you would like to try a ketosis eating plan you need to be true to yourself and give this at least 6 weeks or more to see how you can handle it.

First things first is you need to eliminate grains, refined carb and all sugar. You need to do this to convert your body from being a sugar burner to a fat burner. You cannot do this “some” of the time, you need to eat this way all of the time to get your body into ketosis.

If you cannot commit to this I suggest you stop reading now!

If you are still keen then continue……

Daily intake to get your body into ketosis
Net Carbs – 20gm – 50gms

Protein – your body weight 1gm per kilo (or 1.5gm per kilo to start then drop down if need be)
Fat – 70% of calorie intake.

Mine looks like this Carbs 10%, Protein 30%, Fats 60% (working to get the fat intake higher)

You can map your macros on an app : My Fitness pal

This will take time for each person as everyone will be different. Some people are more carb resilient than others. I’m very carb sensitive so I need less carbs (my carb intake is purely green vegetables and cauliflower)

Keeping off sugar, breads, pasta etc. will be easier than you think as the high fat will keep you satisfied. You will find the meals tasty and you will not need to count calories. You will find you do not eat as much as you did before on a low fat high carb eating plan. The refined carbs were full of sugar, giving you that empty feeling not long after your meal and making you crave for more food.

Having a diet with too much protein – liver thinks this is glucose (gluconeogenesis) and goes back to sugar burner – not fat burner. Some people felt a bit bloated or uncomfortable as in constipated with high protein. Eating high fat won’t make you feel like this, but you do need to have your fibrous vegetables (brussel sprouts, broccoli, green leafy plants).

If you have a diet with too many carbs, your body cannot adapt into ketosis, remember the carbs break down into sugars and then again the body will stay on the glucose train, and not get into burning fat.

Try not to stress the body, start off with yoga , walking, and any leisure activities, allow your body to convert into fat burning. (Hence the infrared sauna is ideal)
Strength training, endurance and speed still get great results on a ketogenic diet, just take the adaption easy.

Intermittent fasting helps the process, once you’re on a high fat diet, your body is satisfied and will not crave food as much, so intermittent fasting will be easier than you think, as I mentioned before your body can last longer in between meals with the high fat. I was feeling hungry more often to begin with, but once I increased the fat I found my hunger decreased.
If you have protein shakes after training, this can be ok once you have keto adapted (more on that later).

You need lots of water as you do for any eating plan. Making sure you have regular water intake keeps you flushed out, reduces headaches, helps with intestines, prevents that hunger feeling, most of the time we confuse hunger pains for thirst.

To test ketones you use ketostix (urine test). You use these sticks to see what zone you are in. It explains it on the container. Cut the strips in half lengthways and you will get more tests (container of 50). There is blood testing and breath. However these are a more expensive cost to you so therefore urine testing is sufficient and affordable. Testing morning and night can show a different reading, so maybe keep testing at the same time of day – preferably in the afternoon. (Morning usually gives you a lower result).

Ketogenic diet helps many health issues as I mentioned before – thyroid and adrenal issues,  IBS, POS, gut health, Alzheimers, chronic fatigue, plus many more.

But I stress – this is an “all in” process, you must be willing to give up your bread, pasta, rice (sweet potato will be allowed later, but in the beginning just succumb to the fact you cannot).

The best way to get your head around this is to think of the taste you will get with all the other foods – I promise you will be fine. You know deep down it’s time to change.

Here’s to all the avocados, coconut oil, almonds, almond butter, grass fed butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon, chicken skin on your roast chook, red meat, lamb roasts, eggs, macadamia nuts, dark chocolate, cacao, coffee, pork belly plus much much more that previously you stayed away from.

If you would like to start a new and finally have a successful eating plan to reduce your body fat, proven by science then sign up for the ‘Ketosis – infrared sauna package’

4 weeks $330 ($82.50 per week)
8 weeks $640 – this will be an ultimate kick start for 2017 ($80 per week).
Pay up front and claim an extra sauna for free.

This includes:

  • Each week you will receive an email to follow the step by step guide to becoming keto adapted, plus your HIIT workout.
  • Your intro email will have the outline of the ketosis eating guide, the benefits of infrared and more on thyroid problems if you need.
  • You will have my ongoing support over this time, I will give you meal ideas, and help with any questions you have along the way.
  • You need to plan out the sauna sessions.
  • You need to book in your weight sessions with me.
  • I will give you supplement advice to help cravings.
  • I will give you material to read if you want more.

Next start date for
4 week program: November 27th 2017 or January 8th 2018
8 week program: January 8th 2018

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