boy fallen over on basketball court in pain with ankle twist

Many people ask should they put ice on an injury or should they use heat pack?

Inflammation is not good nor is it bad – it is a normal process of the injury cycle.

Inflammation – repair – remodel : if you don’t have inflammation your body will not optimally repair and remodel the injury.

If you take anti-inflammatories and ice, ice, ice, to control inflammation you are delaying the injury process.

Research shows that those who ice excessively after an injury delay the healing process.

R.I.C.E (Rest Ice Compress Elevate) method Dr Gabe Mirkin in 1978 created this protocol, in 2013 he came out and recounted his statement saying that ice actually hinders the healing process!

We know more now and it delays and hinders the optimal healing to any type of soft tissue injury.
Let’s not stop inflammation but understand it, by improving the movement in a pain free way which brings the blood flow to the area, allows proper healing to take place and not continue the injury cycle.

If it is painful where you cannot move this is different, but for other use methods where blood flow can come into the area to help healing.

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Be careful with injuries and ensure you put in place the right treatment

Kerrie Fatone