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Many people are now starting to get things back to normal with work and school going back.
This encourages people to start to focus on losing those COVID kilos that have crept on whilst they have been at home.

Please realise that it was not just the pantry invasions that put the weight on it was also due to suffering from higher levels of stress, lack of sleep, lost routine, comfort food and lack of gym access or exercise regime has lacked compared to normal (less movement).

ALL of these reasons have contributed to weight gain, yet many people just think of the food and exercise sector to bring them back into shape.

I see so many advertisements for killing the COVID kilos by throwing people into crazy workouts and restricted eating regimes.
People are trying to run more and run longer, ‘smashing’ workouts each day without realising they are just adding to this problem and some will find they can’t budge the weight they have gained this is because they are missing some huge factors here and that is the stress and sleep component.

Lack of sleep:

Whilst you’ve had no routine and have reduced your commute time to travel to work, people have taken advantage of staying up binging NETFLIX.

When you have lack of sleep it is harder to gain lean muscle mass – studies show individuals that slept 5.5 hours a night had 60% less muscle mass at the end of the study, those that slept 8.5 hours had 40% more muscle mass.

Stress factors:

  • Screens (zoom calls and online catch ups), technology has been handy to communicate, but has loaded us with EMF (electronic magnetic fields) in our bodies that are invaders to our cells.
  • Working from home less breaks on computers working from home.
  • Financial worries, loss of job or reduced hours
  • Children’s emotions and their broken routines, their screen time.
  • Older generation worries about our parents and grandparents’ health and situations.
  • Hand sanitizer, harsh chemicals getting through our skin
  • Processed foods – easy to grab food and be right near your pantry.

All these signals are picked up by our internal system to alert the fight n flight nervous system.
Your body is still managing this even though you are getting some normality into your life.


Increased stress = increasing cortisol and therefore insulin is present in the body as well.

More cortisol and more insulin affects glucose levels in the body and when you are eating more and more often your overall insulin levels never reduce and therefore the liver, the muscle and the brain can become insulin resistance (here’s an article that explains all this).

How to lose those covid kilos

Exercise is a stress :

If you are overtraining or begin to increase training too much, this will just elevate your stress levels which elevates cortisol.
Be smart when you train:

  • incorporate resistance training
  • lots of walking and mindful movement.
  • adequate rest and recovery days
  • connect with nature

Get into a routine :

The more routine you have morning and night the more successful you will be.

  • Plan out short and longer walks each day depending on your to do list
  • Plan out meals and shopping days so you don’t run out of fresh wholesome food
  • Plan out your exercise regime or work with a coach
  • Focus on a morning routine and once that is in place work on a nighttime routine to get optimal sleep. (dimming lights, warm showers, essential oils, reading etc)


Stop eating processed foods and snacks:

  • You are home more to cook fresh foods, eat more less often
  • Your calories will automatically reduce once you stop eating processed foods
  • Increase salt in your diet as this will help cravings
  • Introduce supplements to support your inner health (magnesium, vitamin B, fish oil etc)
  • Some days eat less and some days eat more

Sleep more:

  • Sleep is free and is very important to help muscles grow to support a healthy metabolism
  • Sleep repairs your body, can reduce inflammation that triggers cortisol
  • Choose Netflix or your health
  • When you’ve had adequate sleep your decisions the next day are better with work and food choices, your brain has had a clean out overnight.
  • Sleep is the best way to lose weight.

Good luck with losing COVID kilos and if you would like professional help then reach out.

Kerrie Fatone

COVID-19 Notice

Continuing with regular exercise is important during these uncertain times.

In line with the Department Health and Human Services under the current stage restrictions it is stated on their website that :

Indoor gyms and fitness spaces open up for up to 20 people.
Maximum 10 per space per 8 square metres.

I'd like to assure all my clients that train in my facility that I meet the health departments requirements in cleaning protocols and documentation of attendance.

Other protocols such as wearing of face mask have been put in place and will be discussed with each client.

I have outdoor facilities to accommodate those that feel more comfortable also.

Health coaching is still available and is very important at this time to help the health. I welcome all my current clients and welcome new clients who might be suffering anxiety issues, low mood and high stress. This service is certainly in demand and I have places available - please contact me for more information on 0413929702