Immune booster tips for you and your family.

This is handy information to have in this current situation, and for future Winter flu seasons.

I will explain briefly why this will benefit your cells in your body and naturally help your immune system.




We are deficient in magnesium and this mineral helps to calm our fight n flight system (think stress) which we are all tapping into right now.
We are stressed from media news and disruption to our general everyday schedules.

Take magnesium (glycinate is less affected to your bowels) every morning and night.
Morning dose to help the daily stress levels come down, night dose to help better sleep. You can take tablets or powder form.

You can also bath in magnesium to help calm and relax you in difficult times.


Vitamin D3


This is our immune booster vitamin. We get vitamin D from the sun, but D3 is needed to be outsourced for our bodies.
D3 helps to boost your immune system, and like magnesium many people are deficient in this vitamin due to sunscreen and hat usage and less time spent in the sun these days.

Vitamin D3 is a fat soluble vitamin that means you need to have it with good fats to help it absorb. You can have some nuts with it (I take fish oil at the same time), you can have it with breakfast with your eggs and avocado, or smoothie that has something like coconut milk in it, any form of good fat is necessary.


NOTE: Any supplement you purchase has a low dose recommendation on the packaging, and same applies in this case, however please ignore this dosage 1000IU per day, I recommend along with other natural health professionals 5000-10,000IU per day to boost your immunity up.
It’s very unlikely to have a toxicity case of too much vitamin D3, and in this particular case, you definitely want your immune system increased.

We need to increase our immunity at this particular time.


Vitamin C


This vitamin helps to keep your immunity up and protect cells as well.

Take these daily and again have more than the recommended dose, if your body has too much vitamin C it’ll naturally discrete them so do not fear having too much.

You can take these throughout the day.


This is an important mineral to help regulate your immune system, helps to reduce colds and flus, and protects your body in this current covid-19 situation.




Yes it’s important to keep hands clean, however all these sanitizers that people are after and the Glen20 disinfectants contain a lot of chemicals and these are foreign to our beautiful bodies and cause toxins within our bodies.

Having too many toxins in our bodies breaks down our immune system and the chemical laden products are tripping away our microbiome, that is our immune defence system.


Cleaning your house, office and body with all of these powerful chemical products is not helping your immune system, which is what we need to be working on right now.

This is not to alarm you but to help you.

It this time of need I suggest essential oils that are all antibacterial:

Tea Tree essential oil

Use these oils to make blends that you like (use about 3 different ones if you like), place 5 drops of each in a spare essential oils bottle with some carrier oil like coconut, jojoba or avocado oil and use as often as you like. You can also add aloe as well or aloe gel to rub onto hands.

These are great for your skin and your cells, plus will not disrupt your microbiome and therefore protect your immune system more.

Place in a spray bottle with witch hazel and water and you can spray onto surfaces or your body, again good for your skin, hygiene and immune system.

Put lemon essential oils in your water when washing the dishes to help keep bacteria away, clean floor, walls and door and fridge handles with these essential oils to help keep bacteria away.


Please keep your water intake up, to keep cells hydrated and healthy to always protect your immune system. Becoming dehydrated places a stress on the body and as mentioned when your stress levels are up, immunity goes down, causes sickness and is more susceptible to illnesses.

Drink water throughout the day and even place some sea salt or himalayan salt in your water for electrolytes to help the cells thrive even more.

The more healthy cells you can have in your body, the better chance you have of not falling ill.


Clean eating

So many people are stocking up on canned food and packet foods that contain a lot of hydrogenated oils and sugars, preservatives, additives and chemicals.

All of these products cause damage to your cells, creating free radicals (bad cells), you need to avoid toxins, especially if you are dosing up on chemical hand sanitizers, all of these factors are killing microbes that protect your cells and immune system remember.

Eating clean foods that have been home cooked and frozen are a much better option.

Eat foods higher in fats and protein that will fill you more, so you don’t need so much food, plus they will help protect your muscle, that helps your metabolic rate, which is a big part of your health.

Keep your plate full of colour of all fruit and vegetables to help give you a variety of minerals and vitamins, that helps to keep your body healthy; whereas…

Eating packet foods, that are designed to make you eat more from their chemical ingredients, cause harm such as cell damage, overeating, weight gain, inflammation in the body and gut, digestive issues and a signal to stress the body… more stress, the body’s immune system shuts down.

Remember our main focus here is to boost the immune system.

If you are not a good cook – ask a friend to help, batch cook more meals so you are not cooking as often, soup, casseroles, family pies, roasts are very good meals to batch cook and freeze.

Eggs and avocado, smoothies for breakfast are healthier than boxed cereal and milk – these can cause inflammation with the sugar that’s in them, so start your day with fresh produce and this will keep your mood better, plus keep you fuller for longer.

Mushrooms are a great source of vitamin D, and mushrooms are close to human DNA, so our body responds to mushrooms very well (not everyone likes them, but they are good for us).

I use a range of medicinal mushrooms, Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane and all of these forms of fungi are very powerful to our immune system. Cordyceps has helped those with cancer, with the protection of the cells and helps the body adapt to situations.
Reishi helps sleep, Lion’s Mane helps with cognitive abilities and Chaga is like our body’s own bodyguard.

Raw honey is good for our immunity and is a natural product, plus a great sleep hack. (1 teaspoon before bed).

Little changes can have huge benefits on your health.


Big player to your health.

When we sleep, we rejuvenate, we restore our energy, and our cells are cleared of toxins, especially in the brain cells – giving you more clarity the next day to make better decisions and help other people.

Good sleep can reduce stress levels, repair damaged cells and help clear out all the crap your body takes on. The more this is cleaned out, you can replenish with better foods, and water, so your healthy cells can improve.

Watching screens and bad news before bed disrupts your sleep, and your body’s skin receptors are on alert under the blue light of the screens and lights.
This again places your body in a danger like scenario and when the body is on alert, the immune system is suppressed… the rollercoaster continues.

Turn off screens, stop reading about the news, read a book, have a magnesium bath, rub oils on your temples, meditate, whatever you can do to help settle the body before bed, so as you have optimal sleep.

Make sure bedroom is dark and cool, no phones to be charged in rooms – if needed for an alarm, place on aeroplane mode so no notifications can come through and the skin receptors don’t pick up on the EMF’s (electronic magnetic fields) that radiate through your body while trying to rest.





This helps your mind and body.

Exercise is very important to help keep your lymphatic system working, that drains out the toxins that have built up in your body, from stress, packaged food, lack of sleep and chemical cleaners.

Exercise helps to make you breathe, sweat, creates movement in your bowels and urination to help excrete all the toxins every way your body can.

By excreting all your toxins, your immune system can strengthen and work a lot better.

Be Careful what style of exercise you do and I mean that as in the intensity at which you train.

Doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) all the time actually causes a lot of stress on the body, as we tend to try to train at this level for too long. This places the body into unease, and your stress levels elevate.

Slow steady cardio – long slow runs, can do the same to the body, placing it under stress.

Completing strength training with plenty of rest time in between is a great way to increase muscle mass, helping your metabolic rate, keeping your hormones happy and not depleting your immune system.

Work on body weight exercises, trying to get deeper in your squat, lower in your pushups, higher in a chin up etc… Then when you return to a commercial gym you will be able to perform better at the weighted exercises.

If you wanted to include a HIIT session, this is fine, but no more than once a week, when you know your body and mind is ready for it.

Walking in fresh air is perfect, in amongst nature is best.

Stay away from swimming pools where the bacteria is present, even if they use chlorine, this chemical is harsh on your immune system and skin of course.

Children and exercise:

Whilst we have good sunny days here in Australia, it’s important to have the children outside barefooted at the moment to help their immunity build up the best it can. The Covid-19 has been shown that children are not affected, yet can be the carrier.
However if we keep boosting their immune system – the virus will not be able to get a free ride from them, so where possible keep them active outside, and make sure they get lots of exercise, for their mind and body as well.
They may be picking up on the nerves of mum or dad, so being outside having a picnic or running across the oval is so important for their wellbeing as well.


Grounding – taking your shoes off, walking in nature or on the beach is the best way to ground, this allows your body to connect back to earth, suppressing your fight n flight system and helping you calm down.
Science has shown this is an instant reaction – just think of how you like to sleep on the grass or at the beach on a sunny day – you instantly relax and your body becomes calm.

I hope you have got something out of this and start to implement some of these suggestions.

I do sell the doterra essential oils and make blends for all my clients and customers.

I do provide training programs for those that require something to do at home, and I also run training groups at my highly clean private gym.

Within this current situation, many sessions will be run outside in the fresh air under the beautiful sun.
It’s a vitamin D training session…

Please be aware I am not a doctor and do not take this as your medical advise, if you have any health concerns please refer to a professional doctor or training naturopathic consultant, these are expression of my research and connections to other health professionals advise.
As a professional qualified and accredited health, fitness and wellbeing coach I am here to support and guide with latest information.
If you feel unwell please seek the correct avenues for relevant testing etc.

To your health and safety