can of diet coke held up in front of green door

Diet drinks may have zero calories but what is the reason it could cause weight gain?

Did you start drinking diet coke or pepsi max because it had no calories, so therefore you could drink a few a day and you’ll still be in your calorie intake for the day?

  • Are you now hooked on diet drinks?
  • Are you having artificial sweeteners in your beverages?

Reasons why you are addicted and not losing weight:

1.The artificial sweeteners are highly concentrated than actual sugar;
– Splenda x 600 times sweeter,
– Equal x 200 times sweeter
– Stevia x 200-400 times sweeter
makes your sweet palate want more sweetness.

2.These sweeteners are increasing your hunger, making you want to consume more calories – increasing your sweet palate – soon a strawberry or carrot won’t seem sweet to you anymore.

3.Misleading low calorie marketing yet increasing insulin/cortisol levels, increasing inflammation and belly fat.

4.Thyroid damage:

Our thyroid (located at the base of our throat), releases T4 that needs to convert into active T3.
T3 is in part our metabolism, this is what makes us burn calories, and function.
T3 is converted in the liver, helps our kidneys to function, our bowels to empty properly and for metabolism to run efficiently.

Some people cannot make the T4 convert to T3, which results in weight gain, brain fog, insomnia, depression etc.

In these cases, a person may be deficient in selenium, zinc or iodine and therefore the liver cannot convert T4 to T3 efficiently and this is the beginning of the frustration within a lot of women, and men.

Important note: There are foods and minerals that can block thyroid receptors that prevent you from converting T4 to T3.

1. Trans fats create a crust around the cell making conversion impossible. These are in packaged foods, cooking oils (vegetable oil, canola oil, sunflower oil etc).
2. Chlorine can block your receptors
3. Sucralose/splenda with chlorine block thyroid receptors being used to use iodine to help make T4.

Don’t get confused between sucrose – that’s naturally occurring from table sugar.

How to help improve your health and your cells:

  • Be sure to check your products and make sure if you want to add sugar into your recipe it’s from a natural source, not an artificial source.
  • Add salt to your foods to enhance the natural flavour of the foods – sea salt or himalayan salt is perfect – (iodine is needed to help convert T4 to T3).


Kerrie Fatone