Healthy Hormones

Transform from frustrating to thriving

‘Healthy Hormones’

Starts Monday 23rd August (or by appointment)

8 weeks / $295

Program length: 8 weeks


  • 8 week program
  • private gym
  • workouts can be based around your cycle (for best results)
  • essential oil rollerball blends
  • nutritional guide for each individual
  • support group
  • private consultations with coach throughout program
  • up to 3 training sessions per week at a pace designed for individual
  • home workouts included
  • Yin (light stretching) designed around cycle to relieve pain
  • Designed to help your hormones heal, and improve your energy

Why I created the Healthy Hormone Program

Hormones play such a huge part in our lives, and as we move through life, many circumstances and situations can affect our hormones that causes change in our bodies.

It’s been such a great shift in the health space to nurture people’s health concerns, such as weight loss frustrations with the focus on mending hormones as opposed to calorie restrictions and more exercise.

2020 was a year like no other and stress was a huge factor.
The ramifiactions will be present through 2021 and beyond.

When people hear the word ‘hormones’ – they think menopause, but hormones are:

– ghrelin, leptin, insulin, cortisol, that control hunger, satiety, blood sugar levels and stress responses.

thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, your endocrine system

perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause, your life cycles

plus many more that all connect and communicate to each other.

FACT: When one system is down, it will affect ALL the others.

What the program involves:

  • Explains how circumstances can spin your hormones out of control and certain situations: age / diet / sleep / grief / stress, these all play a huge part in our hormones responses.

We all live different lives so therefore we all need different support for our own pressures.

  • Explains the importance of self care and down time.
  • Designed to educate you for years to come.

We are sick because our lives are out of balance.


  • Help your frustrating situations like weight gain, low moods and no energy to feeling well, more energy and thriving…

You will learn about:

  • how our bodies change;
  • why our bodies change;
  • how to deal with external life situations as well as your internal body;
  • and most importantly how we can put the brakes on some hormonal symptoms as we get older.
    [This is a very crucial key to the next 20-30 years.]



This whole program is not about restricting your calories, or training like crazy, this is about helping you:

– gain energy,
– feeling good,
– improving your moods,
– waking refreshed,
– laughing more,
– learning about every hormone you have,
– being comfortable in your skin,
– understanding that change doesn’t happen overnight.

Starts on February 1st 2021


-Workouts will be based on stress levels, ensuring you are not overtraining and placing more stress on your body.
It will also take into account your workload and lifestyle to help compliment, not damage your hormones even more.

– I have studied the effects of women’s cycles, some weeks energy will be low, balance will be off, so the workouts will be based on your cycle eg: week 1 will be nurturing, week 2 optimal, week 3 strength etc.

Training your body with regards to your energy levels will see great results.

Essential oils:

Essential oils are great as additional support for cravings, sleep, energy, PMS, nurturing.
Rollerball stress blends will be made for you for your handbags, energy lift for your gym bag and sleep cocktails for your bedside table.

There will be an essential oils workshop during this time.


“I’m so happy with the Healthy Hormones program! As you know, I would normally get my period every three weeks. My periods have always been very heavy, last a full week, and with four days of extreme endo pain.

The last two periods, since being on your program, have been way lighter, lasted 4 days with only 2 days of endo pain. That is a really big improvement with a massive positive impact on my life in general.”
– Maddy.

(Maddy suffers from endometriosis – a debilitating endocrine pain every cycle, that leaves her in bed most of the time. This program has helped her pain decrease). 

Support & Accountability:


This program will hold you accountable with set goals between coach and client, as each person will be at different stages to what their focus points need to be.

The agreement will detail small steps within their fortnight to help them achieve realistic goals.

Most importantly this is a face to face program – it is more than just an online program, this is about real people, raw feelings and real support to get you through this frustrating time.

A facebook group will be available – but I also want to connect with you in person.


Healthy Hormones is a whole program about self care first and foremost, with all the support to help increase energy, better sleep, reduce stress – or more so reduce the effects of stress on the body.

It’s time to thrive….

If you think this program is what you need, then please contact me directly on 0413929702 to book your spot – questions are welcome for more information.

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