Retreats are for self care and healing


Wellness and Health Retreats for Women


In 2018 I wanted to help more women have time for themselves and to recharge.

To be able to step away from their day to day life and be cared for, with correct exercises and yoga whilst taking in beautiful fresh air.
Then pampered with delicious nourishing food, relaxation, massage and healing – basically to be waited on over the weekend – bliss xoxo


My last venture was to Lorne on the Great Ocean Road, nestled in a cottage surrounded by a peaceful natural environment filled with gum trees and close to the refreshing surf and sand, but away from the hustle.

To live in the hectic space that we all do now-a-days, I understand the importance for mental health, and self care.


What they said:


“I wanted to send a big thank you to you for such a truly wonderful weekend.  

It was truly the best circuit breaker for a busy working mum, that adores her family but needed to recharge as her cup was full to overflowing of all the wrong stuff!  

It really hit home the importance of looking after yourself to be a better you and for in turn for everyone around you.

My ‘cup’ is now full of all the right stuff….a good attitude, rest, relaxation, great company, new friends, exercise, quiet time, sun, fresh air, great nutritious food.

You were such a good influence, motivational, caring, informative and fun.  I will definitely be seeing you on another adventure.”

  • Leanne – Hamlyn Heights


What my business is about:


My business is now filled with looking after women’s health, to not just prescribing exercises in my private gym, but to now educate them how to look after themselves especially if their hormones have broken down.

If you would like to have your cup filled in 2019 then you have some opportunities to join in on a retreat or an overnight trek



“I had the pleasure of working with Kerrie for her recent retreat nestled in the beautiful Lorne.
I have joined her on this journey to offer Reiki healing sessions with fellow healer and Yoga teacher Amanda Hill.

Though all the had never had healing before, all guests were open and warmly welcomed us to work our magic.

I had a truly extraordinary day working with Kerrie and all of the retreat attendees and can’t wait to work with her again.

Kerrie holds a great space to get back in touch with yourself, embracing health, self care and healing.”

– Jade Lister-Buttle



What my business is working on:


It is very precious to hear how the women I have worked with over the years have become better mainly in their self esteem and feeling of fitness and strength through my programs and outdoor experiences



“I’ve found all the knowledge invaluable. I would highly recommend this journey to people whom are willing to listen to Kerrie and follow the program.”
– Nic T : Hamlyn Heights
Reset participant


I offer structured programs Yang & Yin, Reset and private Health Coaching, along with one-on-one training, group training and training programs.


They are all modified to suit old or current injuries, special health conditions, nursing hormone breakdowns all in a private setting.


Here are two magical women Jade and Amanda xo


If you would like to join my Bright Retreat in May 2019 and have the opportunity to experience a healing session with Jade and Amanda, then please click the link.


It is so wonderful to experience the love in healing and to be able to get in touch with your spiritual side.


Make 2019 a year of new vibes and new experiences, leave the 2018 frustration and for some the hurt behind.


If you would like to connect with me to start a journey in changing some lifestyle habits, to finds ways to reduce stress (which will reduce belly fat), to help put in place some good sleep hacks or to be motivated, then let’s begin…


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Here’s to a peaceful 2019…