Kettlebells placed on gym floor


Traditional strength training is lifting weights with adequate rest in between.

You need the rest to be able to lift the same weight and reps again, have you ever noticed that the sets get harder, especially when you don’t have any rest, then going from one exercise to the next, not to mention your technique is very poor, therefore not recruiting the correct muscles, and more so, risking injury.

No rest gets you least results.

You can do circuit training with weights, lighter weights, low rest periods, loads of sweat – eating less day to day, but the inevitable will happen, no matter how dedicated you are, you will hit a wall – This can be a mental, physical breakdown, or burnout.
People who learn that weight training is important, they can program wrong, they will add in jump rope and high intensity between sets to ‘’keep moving”, along with calorie restriction, to lose weight. 

What needs to be explained better is that you are not giving your body the right amount of fuel, along with a mixed message of trying to build muscle with not muscle food, and exhausting the body to not know whether it should build or get rid of muscle.
Side note: muscle is an expensive tissue and therefore if going to exhaustion working at high intensity with no rest this is a big cost to our body and our body wants to ‘last’ so it drops muscle to live longer in this environment.

Jump rope and other cardiovascular exercises are great, but stop adding them in between weight sets, concentrate on these individually, program them on a day on their own, and work rate can be high intensity alone, just stop adding as a circuit.

Metabolism booster.

Strength training helps to improve your muscle mass, that improves your metabolism and also improves your bone mass, and this helps your longevity, being able to move better for longer.
Stop doing weights in a circuit style, and start resting between sets. This will help your weight loss journey, your body will adapt better and your mind won’t have to try to persuade you if you don’t feel like running.
Enjoy the lifting.
Kerrie Fatone