Eating Plan Theories

When I sit down and organize my eating plan for the week, I take into account the amount of Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat per day, plus have an overall idea of the calories, so as I know I am not eating too much.

I have always advised my clients to base their daily intakes on 50% carbohydrates, 30% Protein and 20% Fat.

As most of your protein food contain higher fats, you’ll find it is hard to keep the fats down, but if it’s because of the protein level, this is not a bad fat (just make sure meat and chicken are lean cuts of meat/poultry). Carbohydrates are your green vegetables and fruit, so you’ll find it is very easy to consume your carbohydrate quota. Therefore you don’t need to eat bread and pasta to increase the carbohydrate sector.

The example eating plan makes sure all food groups are covered, micronutrients are covered (vitamins and sugars etc), to maintain the blood sugar glucose levels, to eliminate the sugar cravings and hunger warnings. I have based low GI foods to sustain your hunger as best I can.

I’ve only used natural sugars, no added sugars.

The variety of meat/poultry and fish is deliberate so that again you are gaining the best from all varieties of vitamins and minerals.

Most eating plans are boring and mundane. When I get asked to put together an eating plan, I take into account the foods the client likes/dislikes, their occupation as in active/non-active, family and social aspects. I then fit an eating plan into their lifestyle to make sure it accommodates what their weekly activities/work commitments acquire.  This then takes out the EXCUSES and puts into place a workable and successful eating plan.

Please when you are working your weekly food plan out, make sure you are basing it on what you like, not what a magazine says, as this is sure to fail due to people’s likes and dislikes plus time effective to make these meals. It’s not hard; it’s all about sitting down for ½ hour per week to organize meals and shopping list. Tip: to keep costs down, use seasonal fruits/vegetables and each week change up your main fruit snack eg, use up a qtr watermelon for the week, so it doesn’t go to waste or a punnet of strawberries etc. Many food plans make you use a bit of this and a bit of that, then you have wasted food and money!

I’m all about effective, workable and common sense lifestyle, with exercise included!!!

Hope the example food plans work for you. You’ll find the recipes on my page as well. So now go and enjoy your planning, but most of all enjoy your meals!