Coffee – enjoy at the right time


There has been confusion about coffee when it comes to health. Is it good or bad?


With studies been released weekly there are always good and bad, however I believe coffee has a place in our diets…

If you make sure coffee is consumed at the right time to gain the best benefits for this stimulant.



Coffee is primarily consumed first thing in the morning by many people as a wake up substance.


This really isn’t the best time to consume coffee due to our circadian rhythm (natural 24 hour cycle).


When we are asleep our cortisol (stress hormone) level drops as we need to rejuvenate our energy for the next day.
Cortisol naturally rises in the morning to give us our get up and go.
Whilst our cortisol is rising, drinking coffee at that time is not really beneficial to give us the boost we think it is.


Having coffee a few hours after we wake is a better option when the cortisol is starting to drop a bit, giving you another kick.



If you have adrenal fatigue a central nervous system issue (due to overtraining or high stress), that’s when coffee isn’t really advised.

Coffee being a stimulant will raise your cortisol due to affecting your central nervous system and will not let your adrenals to settle.


Side note once my adrenal fatigue settled I used Four Sigmatic Coffee with cordyceps as these are more nurturing for the adrenals. Check this youtube clip out 


Also everyone has different tolerances to coffee, some people can handle it and their body can digest it easier than others.


Some people can have a few a day without jittery effects, whereas others may suffer and not have a restful sleep due to the coffee staying in their system longer. Most people take at least 8 hours to rid the entire amount of caffeine out of their body.


Quality sleep is required for optimal health


Having coffee late in the afternoon is really not advisable – you may not think it affects your sleep quality, but if you experimented and reduced the afternoon coffee for a few weeks, take note how you sleep.
(Again interfering into your central nervous system).


A couple of the biggest shifts in coffee now amongst the bio hackers out there in the world is:

“Bulletproof coffee”

– (black coffee with MCT oil and grass fed butter).


Youtube explanation on bulletproof coffee

This combination is proven to be highly beneficial on the cognitive function – pure brain power plus having good fat in the coffee is sustaining your hunger as well.

A great twist on this is to add curcurmin to this coffee to aid inflammation in the brain after a night of drinking alcohol or lost sleep.


Four Sigmatic coffee


The youtube version of four sigmatic



Coffee pre workout is also shown as a great natural pre-workout.


You don’t need to have the commercialized ‘pre-workout’ supplements, a black coffee has been proven to give you what you need.


So enjoy your coffee – don’t grab for one first thing, wait a few hours and get the best benefits you can out of your mid-morning coffee.


Try something new this year!


PS.If you’d like to try the Four Sigmatic coffees or Elixirs, shout out as I stock this product…

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