Womens cycle and training patterns

Womens cycle and training patterns   Our hormonal cycle can make a difference each week to our training in the gym. These conditions have the ability to interfere with our health, wellbeing and body composition. It may affect the way we metabolise nutrients from food,...

Weights work

Weights work   Thank goodness women are starting to come to terms with weight lifting and its importance in our lives. Many years ago women lifting weights was not a part of our exercise routine; it was step aerobics or yoga only. We would occasionally see women...

Managing balance and core strength

Managing balance and core strength The purpose of balance training is to minimise the risk of falling. The older we get the more chance we have of falling due to losing our balance ability, our core strength. If we keep active in many ways and for many reasons we are...

Types of strength workouts

Different types of Strength workouts There are many programs to follow out there, which one is the right one? It’s about what you want to achieve, so I can give you some guidelines to follow when you are in the gym, otherwise you’ll need to discuss this with your...

Strength increases

Strength Increases Everyone has different goals when it comes to their training programs. Some people focus on increasing their speed, others maybe their strength, and then some are looking for a healthy body on the inside and out. I have lost count how many people...

COVID-19 Notice

Continuing with regular exercise is important during these uncertain times.

Group Training is back

In line with the Health Department outside group training is allowed to resume so it's back to our regular group training session.

All group sessions are also available daily through the ZOOM platform. This platform is perfect to help keep accountability, encouragement and help to critique on the spot when it comes to training.

I am also conducting 1:1 training sessions outdoors and all equipment is being cleaned between each client.

Other protocols have been put in place and will be discussed with each client.

Health coaching is still available and is very important at this time to help the health. I welcome all my current clients and welcome new clients who might be suffering anxiety issues, low mood and high stress. This service is certainly in demand and I have places available - please contact me for more information on 0413929702