I have many parents ask if it is ok for their teenagers to take Creatine.

Let’s be clear Creatine monohydrate powder.

As a parent of two teenage boys I ensure I read and source relevant information to know if this is a safe supplement for them to take because many teenage boys want to get into the gym and lift weights.

Not only is this supplement good for muscle growth, but it is also been shown to have health benefits for energy, muscle support, improves performance, resistant to fatigue, helps recovery, heart health, brain function and brain performance.

Like any supplement taken, it needs to be supported by a healthy diet, with good protein, natural carbohydrates and good fats.

I understand not only teens, but anybody wants the quick fix, but we all must have the foundation of a healthy diet that supports the supplement. The supplement alone will not create the ideal outcome.

Creatine is becoming increasingly popular within teens as they realize body builders have been on this supplement for years. Again supported by a healthy diet this is safe for teens and one scoop 5mg per day is all they need.

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Kerrie Fatone