black and white picture of a woman in a crop top curling a bar to work her bicep muscles

1.Your metabolism is very complicated and you need to understand that building muscle helps to increase it, meaning you burn more calories with more muscle.

2. Another factor is there is alot going on in the process of sending the signal to build muscle and part of that is telling your body you need more calories because you have more muscle tissue.

3. Then another part is telling your body that you don’t have to be as efficient with calories.
There is a lot of energy wastage when your body doesn’t feel like it needs to conserve every single calorie.

You can not add any muscle to your body and your body could burn more calories by changing your sleep, lifting weights, becoming healthier, and some people will find they can burn more calories.

Some people can not lose muscle (in the interim) and their bodies can start to slow down the caloric burn.
Your body becomes more or less efficient with it’s calorie burn and calorie storage based upon the signals that it receives. It’s a more multi pronged approach.

Lifting weights tells your body to burn more muscle – that alone is not going to help speed up your metabolism , you also need to feed yourself more, the body says to be less efficient with calories, we’ve got calories coming in.

Lastly, let’s not do things that make our body feel like it needs to store calories because it’s under stress – in other words;

  • don’t avoid sleep (your body becomes stressed with less sleep)
  • have good relationships
  • your hormone profile needs to be pretty good and healthy.

When this is all happening your body becomes looser with how it uses calories.
Studies have shown it will burn more calories just to maintain body heat, this itself can burn hundreds of calories every day.

Your body will respond to the signal you send it each and every time!

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Good Luck

Kerrie Fatone