Burn fat and learn how to work with your hormones not against them.
8 week online program $90
Monday 16th April 2018

Includes :-
– diet
– lifestyle education
– behavioral change
– workouts

1 x food guide – unlimited foods/often foods/sometimes foods
2 x workouts per week
1 x live feed (educational talk)

  • 8 topics for the live feed are:
    Female metabolism and hormone function
    Estrogen dominance
    PCOS and RESET info
    Female body fat
    Cellulite and lower body fat
    Q & A

This program is to help educate you on how and why you should eliminate some foods and include other foods into your diet.
This program is to advise you on the better type of exercise you should incorporate to complement fat burn not enhance it, by raising more cortisol in your body. Raising cortisol (stress hormone), only STORES more fat, not burn it, you need to understand the effects of cortisol.

Once you have a hormone imbalance life can get very complicated and frustrating to say the least. Working to a commercial program will not be a suitable answer for your body.
Programs designed in a “shelf” product way could cause a disastrous outcome, you could end up gaining weight as opposed to losing your unwanted body fat.

When it comes to hormones, you need to treat your body with care and rejuvenate some of the hormone system. Restricting calories and exercising flat out will not help the body fat issue, your nervous system will see this as a sign of stress and react in ways you would not believe.

I totally understand the effects of imbalanced hormones, (I suffer from this myself) this is why I have put together this program based on latest studies from integrative medical practitioners, natural functional doctors and my own naturopath.

To have lived these health concerns I started collating so much research to find out how I could help my body, I realized by talking to so many of my clients and friends in my community, there was a lot of unhappy and frustrated women out there. I wanted to be able to help others lose their unwanted body fat, to feel more energized, to have a clear mind and most importantly have a good laugh again.
Hormones affect everything from self confidence, self assurance, self motivation, depression, and moodiness – which makes you look totally different when you look in the mirror (that’s if you look in the mirror anymore).

This program is all about education, understanding and connecting. If you understand why your body is broken – it is easy to fix with correct diet and lifestyle. Maybe you’ve been mislead so many times before and been let down with promised outcomes that did not prevail, which had left you more agitated and desperate to find an answer? If you are in a community with like minded people suffering the same roadblocks, you will realize that the support from them and myself guiding you will give you the spark you’ve needed.

Tapping into your behavior towards food, exercise and recovery is so important in a successful program, so I spend a bit of time with you to help with behavioral change.

This program is not to diagnose you, I have put this program together to help you onto a path of health and happiness, whilst getting rid of body fat that could lead to chronic illnesses in the future if not dealt with.

Come and join my team, get yourself back in 2017 and enjoy your life like you used to, whilst losing unwanted body fat.

Here are some testimonials from previous groups:

“This has been one of the best programs I have ever done. You are very easy to listen to, you are absolutely gorgeous and when your hair is out even more stunning.
Your knowledge base and information you share is fantastic. Very happy to be involved.”- Nic T

“I’m enjoying the content. Feeling inspired.” – Leanne Y

I found a person who is passionate about wellbeing and reads widely.” – Amanda. B

 “I gained knowledge and guidance to help me make better choices. My energy has definitely improved.” – Heather. K

“I think it is all fantastic… I do have a few live’s to catch up on, but I have had so many light bulb moments it’s been great for me… and my family” – Shannon. R

“Feeling supported by an understanding & well informed health professional”
Morgan B

8 weeks online only $90
starts Monday 16th April 2018

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If you have any questions – please Contact Me and I’d be only to happy to assist.

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Kerrie Fatone
Professional health, fitness and wellness coach.