Bone broth benefits and recipe


Bone broth is a game changer and definately something you need back in your diet, just like grandma did.

I will go through the reasons why you should have bone broth and then I will explain what are the important things to include when you make it.

Bone broth holds many nutritional benefits that can help people with a low immune system, autoimmune, inflammation, damaged gut, digestion and helps to aid weight loss.

By cooking bones you are breaking down the marrow and collagen in the bones that help us as humans to maintain optimal health.

Most of us have lived a full life so far based on a “low fat” diet, to be eliminating fat out of as many things as we possibly can so as we don’t “get fat”.


It has been well studied to understand that we do need fat in our diets and it won’t make us fat, if anything it will make us slimmer, but most importantly it will make us healthier.

Our bodies are made up of cells, our organs are made up of cells, our brain is 70% fat, so the best fuel for our cells are fats, to have a sharp mind we need to feed our brain fat. To sustain our hunger and stop eating excess calories, we need fat in our diet.

To help keep our joints soft and not dried out due to excess sugar and refined carbs, we need fat in our diet.

Bone broths have a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids.

For all those years we did not have the good fats in our diets, we reduced our bodies ability to produce bile – bile is very important to our gallbladder and GI tract as it pushes through waste products out of our bodies.

If you do not consume good fats in your diet, no bile can be created and therefore waste will build up in you (constipation) and toxins are excreted back into the liver causing other issues (fatty liver) and push it back even further it effects your gut = leaky gut and other autoimmune diseases.

The goodness in bone broth keeps the digestion to the stomach and beyond and helps with gut flora and heals the gut with the fatty acids it contains.

The goodness of vitamins and minerals in the broth also helps to feed the cells, to help the white blood cells and this flows onto a better immune system – preventing illnesses and flus etc. (better and cheaper than panadol or nurofen)

Once your cells are nourished, feed and looked after – any inflammation your body may have will also be soothed and looked after. Because broth has amino acids in this helps inflammation to the cells/muscles and aids recovery.

The marrow breaks down and the collagen within this is the most important nutrient you can have for your skin – this truly is an antiwrinkle formula.

The apple cider vinegar in this recipes helps to break down the marrow more for you, so this is a must in the recipe.

The good fats in this broth helps to control your blood sugar levels and there is no spike, there are no cravings, there is no overeating which all helps with weight loss.

It is calorie dense and having a calorie dense product prevents you from having low nutrient, high calorie junk food.

There is a big wave with the “overnight fasting” or “extended fasts” – yes these are good to follow now and again, but something you don’t do each day – but the bone broth helps with extended fasts (24 hour fasting) as it has so many nutrients and feeds the body without your brain crumbling down – because as you know – your brain has such a powerful effect on the rest of your body.

Ketosis (low carb- high fat) is a popular diet at the moment as well, and bone broth is certainly a part of this diet as it is the “paleo” lifestyle.


I cannot recommend this enough to include in your child’s diet as well.

Yes they may not drink a glass of it, but there are many ways you can include this in their diets – use it in soups, risottos, spag bol, tuna mornay, green smoothies, curries and recipes such as butter chicken.
Where ever you use liquid in a recipe (chicken stock etc), use the broth instead and add as many herbs and spices as you like. The gelatin/collagen in this broth is like a thickener to your recipes.

So before you screw your nose up and just make an excuse not to drink this – try heating it up to drink (do not heat it up in a plastic container or in the microwave, heat on stove on a low heat – you don’t need added toxins into your body), add it to smoothies or to your meals.


Bone broth recipe:


Use big bones that will have more marrow and collagen – Beef being the best, then chicken, then fish.

Have the butcher cut in half width ways and length ways to ensure you get as many nutrients you can break down out of the bone.


Bones – a big marrow bone or chicken carcass
2 x tbls apple cider vinegar
1 x brown Onion chopped into 4 pieces
1 x garlic bulb cut width way
2 x carrots chopped in half
2 x celery sticks
Herbs of your choice eg bay leaves, parsley
2 litres filtered water

Use a slow cooker or stove top pot


– Place bones in the pot, with onion, garlic and apple cider vinegar.

– Fill pot up with water, and let simmer for 18-24hrs. (Do not boil as the extraction from bones isn’t as beneficial for what you want to get out of the broth.)
– At the 12 hour stage, add the chopped carrots, celery and herbs.
– Then strain into glass airtight jars after the 18-24hrs.
The broth can be stored in fridge for 6 days and in the freezer for 6 months.