Bloating Lies to women


With a new focus for a new year there’s a lot of hype about extra supplements for women to use to help create the goals you’re working towards.


We also need to be aware of the marketing directed to women, what applies to men is the same for women…


So let’s talk about Creatine and why women are hesitant to use because they think that they will “bulk”…

– It causes you to build muscle a little bit faster.

– Body takes creatine and converts into ATP which is the main sources of energy that your muscles use.

– The more ATP your muscles have, the more water your muscles will store.




– Bloated is water outside of your muscles, under your skin. It’s what gets rid of definition, makes you look kind of puffy.

– Water in your muscles makes them feel fuller and more firm like they’re built a little bit.

– Taking creatine will show on the scales a kilo or two and yes this is water weight inside the muscle, that will help performance.


Don’t use supplements for women or workouts for women – it’s marketing bullshit!


Use supplements where you lack in sources wholefoods, keep up water, salt in your water for added electrolytes, magnesium to help stress and strain on the body…

Best way to know if you are mineral or vitamin deficient is to have tests completed, and build on added support from there…