Kerrie Fatone Geelong Health Coach


Hi, I’m Kerrie Fatone and my passion for fitness, wellness, and helping others live their best life led me to establish my Personal Training and Health Coach business in 2001.

I hope you enjoy my page and get lots of helpful hints and ideas.

I grew up in Geelong (surfcoast side of Victoria) and still live here with my two beautiful boys Archer and Nate  and my partner Rob.

Archer and Nate are my everything and they certainly give me energy.

They are involved in my fitness world and growing up in this environment I have no doubt they will grow up with the outlook of exercise being apart of everyday life, which is very important with the obesity crisis that lay around us.

I have been involved in the fitness industry for the past 23 years, I love everything about the gym and completing workouts.

I always wanted to know more about getting results. The internet and information wasn’t as easily as accessible in those days so I decided to study and become a qualified trainer – that was 20 years ago, I’ve never looked back on that decision and my passion is still as strong now as it was back then.

I’m very passionate about the health industry, I am continually studying and researching all things fitness, health and nutrition.

I have an accreditation in Nutrition, wellbeing and stress management and am now a Professional Health Coach to help my clientele with their nutritional needs, and overall health concerns – from sleep to stress and managing all of this within their lifestyle – and this has succeeded in some fantastic results.

I have run my own personal training business for the past 16 years, working with all ages, gender and fitness levels.

My focus is on communicating effectively with my clients, understanding their needs, situations and goals – then working with them to ensure the workouts  are effective for their current health levels, so as they see and achieve their goals.

My openness allows them to continually feedback to me as their goals develop as well.

My Story

Since the lifestyle of social media I feel the “personal” side of the trainer is what the social sites miss, and that it’s important to interact with a trainer face to face not have social sites guide you without getting the “full” story first.

I do engage in social sites to help update clients and followers, but for overall and genuine transformations, I always believe in face to face contact.

I myself love exercising and training with a various training program, which includes strength/power lifting, running, swimming, boxing and yoga.

I try any challenge I can and keep motivated by setting my own goals in sporting activities such as swimming Pier to Pub several times, participating in the Gatorade Triathlons,  Half Marathons and Full Marathon, 2 day treks covering 90-100kms.

I have also conquered the “Overland track” in beautiful Tasmania in 2 days (most complete this over 4 days at least). Trekking is becoming a focus with many beautiful places and tracks over Australia, such as : The Great Ocean Walk, Surf Coast walk, Gold Coast Hinterland, Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Wilson Promontory, Grampians, South Cape and Cape Houy,  Wineglass Bay plus many more.

In March 2016 I competed in a figure model competition placing 3rd in the Masters 40+. It was an amazing accomplishment and going through a process like this helps me to understand the human body more and more – again through these personal experiences – makes me a better coach.

Free Consultation

If you’d like a free 15 minute consultation to see if my programs and health coaching can benefit you then I invite you to a 100% obligation free health consultation.