Bounce Fitness was created in 2001 as a stand alone personal training business, however over the years it has evolved and incorporates all aspects of health coaching as well; “to help people live a healthier life for longer”

Working with clients one-on-one and within groups has broadened this business with thousands of hours of experience in helping people improve their health and wellbeing through a physical and mental aspect.

This approach has be proven to help many of the clients look and feel better, making their day to day lifestyles easier and by holding the client accountable to themselves and the coach.

Physical aspect:

Situated in a private gym, the client works to a program designed individually for them, or within one of the many programs available that meets their needs and their budget to improve their health both physically and mentally.

The programs range from strength and resistance training, high intensity workouts, or 6-10 week programs.

Mental aspect:

Our focus is to not only help people with movement/exercise but to help compliment their health by incorporating focus with nutrition, stress and sleep – through behavioural coaching, nutrition psychology with food choice and eating habits.

The service this business provides is more than just personal training because we face more mental illness now than ever before – so therefore Bounce Fitness takes the time to understand their story, to get a feel of where their mind is at and what they can handle mentally and physically, then work on the clients gaining strength, improve their fitness and help to change their body shape, but more so their mindset through personal support.

This is not about volume number of clients, it’s about volume results per client.


Giving our clients the pieces to the puzzle through; nutrition, movement, sleep and stress, the ripple effect is outstanding and that’s when the women and men gain the health and body they have been after.

To help “unplug” each year there are opportunities for the clients and their friends to join in on day or overnight treks throughout Australia or to regroup their chaotic life at one of the health retreats.

To be in a community with like minded souls, is a fantastic way to reclaim your health.

I started training with Kez 16 years ago and I’m still going!

Through thick and thin (talking about my waistline and 2 babies) she has helped me achieve many goals, fitness and weight being the obvious ones.

She has also organised and been there alongside me (most times in front) with amazing walking/running/hiking adventures that have been exhilarating physical and mental challenges.

Now she has spent hours reading and learning and is a wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition, general health and wellbeing.

Everything she learns is passed on to her clients.

If you have goals and you are ready to listen she will help you.

Simone A

Geelong West

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