Chronic Stress:

We all know how we should be acting – as in some down time and some more active time but we don’t.

Many realise that Chronic stress is a main factor to health concerns such as mental health, heart health, cancer and other chronic illnesses….

If you do not allow your body to have a variability between your autonomic nervous system and heart rate variability where you fluctuate between rest and digest nervous system and fight ‘n flight nervous system, your body doesn’t learn to adapt and take on the fight/flight when it needs to in emergency situations.

When you do not have a variability you have no back up plan to help you reduce that stressed state, your recovery tools break down and you stay in a high stress state, causing this chronic stress.

We need to understand that it’s good to stress you need to be able to have your system to stress, the workouts, cold ice baths, and saunas where your body is made to stress – this is called acute stress, which helps to strengthen the strong mitochondria and it kills off the weak ones.

It’s when you stay elevated in stress this is chronic stress and this is what is killing us.

Chronic stress:

Running from place to place, eating on the run, eating processed foods, working under artificial lights, stuck in traffic, never saying NO to anything, juggling a family, work, and other commitments, not sleeping, having a wine before bed, and not having the connection with friends and family, losing relationships.

When you are stuck in these situations where you can’t find that variable it becomes taxing on your adrenals and your hormones will get damaged and once they are damaged it’s a long road to recovery, hormones can be very temperamental.



A scientific fact to help bring back your adaptation to the variation between your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system is to meditate, to strengthen your response that is needed in your situation and you can stress when you need to stress and more importantly can you relax when you need to relax?


Forward planning:

This is a huge sector in my programs in 2020, we all know how to eat healthy, how we need to move more, but what we are not prioritising is to reduce the stress.

It’s a new decade, which requires new focus points, that has the biggest influence on your health..

If you’d like to work with me in 2020 then connect with me. You’ll learn some great stress reducing tools across the board when it comes to your health..